Five For Friday

These always feel like cheater posts, but people seem to enjoy them. And, it’s Friday, what do you expect?

1. Bowie went to the dentist on Wednesday. He always does so great there. But, that’s not the point of my story. When checking out, we scheduled his next appointment for 6 months from now. The woman asked, “How’s September 21st?” And, I about had a mini heart attack. I managed to babble out the words, “Ummm, I’m having a baby that week.” At which the whole desk staff at the dental office when nuts. So, we made an appointment for early October instead, and as we were leaving she said, “Next time we see you, you will be a big brother!” And I was all, “HOLY CRAP.” Ok, it’s starting to get REAL up in here.

2. When I was pregnant with Bowie, I couldn’t get enough sweets. Which is pretty uncharacteristic for me normally. I would inhale a whole box of those mini brownies from Whole Foods in one sitting. It was terrible. This time around, I do crave sweets. And I don’t know if it’s just less of a craving, or if I’m better at limiting myself this time, or if I’m just too distracted this time to drop everything and eat my weight in chocolate chip cookies. But, I’ve been pretty good about not going overboard with the sugar. So, yay me! We’ll see how long this lasts though.

3. Today Bowie’s preschool will have their Spring parade and egg hunt. Last year, that day was a month later, in April, as they have it near the Easter holiday. That day last year was the day I found out we’d lost the baby. And we had to plaster on smiles and fight through tears while we were there celebrating with the kids. And since my husband came with to school that day, a couple of people I had told about the baby came up to congratulate him, and it was just so…awkward. And painful. And on that day, I literally thought I’d never be happy again. So, to be where I am now during the celebration this year is particularly poignant for me. It’s a sort of threshold that I’m glad to be moving through. Of course, the actual day is still a month away, and I think that day will be hard, but I will get through. I wish I could go back and tell myself that day last year, yes, you will be happy again. And give myself a hug, I was in dire need of hugs back then (not that I wasn’t getting them, but sometimes there just can’t be enough of something, ya know?). If a woman tells you she’s miscarried, don’t say a word, just give her a hug.

4. On a lighter note, I’ve found something to do with Bowie’s Twitter account that I’ve left stagnant for a long time. I used to post cutesy baby stuff, but then there was less of that as he became a running, screaming, bouncing Tasmanian devil. So, I finally figured it out: he’s going around saying some of the funniest stuff these days, and what’s a good 21st century blogging mom going to do with all of that? Publish it on the Internet of course. Enjoy.

5. Sunday is by birthday. Which a month ago I truthfully just shrugged about. Now, as it edges closer and closer, I do care. Why do we women do this to ourselves? Birthdays are going to come and go, year after year, and getting older is inevitable. And really, I should be celebrating that I’m 33. Still in my 30s. Still young. Having fun. The kiddo(s) still little. Things are good. Ok 33, buh-ring it.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

Save the Drama for….Not This Mama

I’m not a fan of drama. Never have been. I’m not talking about fictional drama. I’m a sucker for a good, well-written dramatic movie or TV show.

The kind of drama I’m talking about is personal drama. But, again I must clarify. We all have drama in our lives. Family drama, career drama, health drama, political drama, etc.

I’m talking specifically about personal drama that you have not only created and put upon yourself for no apparent reason, but then you also feel the need to whine to everyone within earshot about it, with the pretentious assumption that everyone cares.

Case in point, inspiration behind this post: Mom blogger I don’t follow on Twitter is retweeted. The tweet takes a quote from a well-known journalist speaking about bloggers completely out of context, and also puts words into that journalist’s mouth that were never actually said and/or implied. I’d give specifics, but then I’d be feeding the drama machine.

The basic gist of my story is that this was a news story about one specific blog, and the First Amendment and blah blah blah. But, this person heard ONE LINE (and not even actually heard, for the record, heard secondhand from someone else) and pulled that line out of context, and made an attempt to create drama around it. They thought, “hey I’m a blogger, and this journalist said a phrase that could either 1. make complete sense to all people or 2. alienate all bloggers everywhere. I think I will take the more dramatic road, just to cause trouble.”

There is PLENTY of drama in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours, without us contributing. And, let’s just pretend for one second that the journalist in our story actually did say what the blogger thought they had said, and the drama there was real. Just pretend for a second.

Even if that were the case, there is a lot of drama in our world that’s far, FAR more important than that. And needs our attention. Here’s the short list: natural disasters, fascist dictators, genocide, suicide, drugs, STDs, sociopaths, pedophiles, cancer, gang violence…I mean, you get the point, right? There are a lot of things in this world that come before Bigtime Journalist Says Something That Could Be Misconstrued on the list of Things We Should Make A Fuss About.

My example here is a fairly public comment, having been publicized on Ye Olde Twitter and all. But, I’ve seen plenty of this in people’s private lives as well. It often drives rifts between family members and old friends, which is just a damn shame.

Just ask yourself, before you get all uppity about something, Am I doing this because it is a genuine problem, something that needs fixing, and I’m concerned for the well-being of those involved? OR, am I just stirring up trouble to create some excitement in my life?

It’s perfectly ok to have family and friends that you love unconditionally, and never fight with. The world needs more of that. There’s no need for extra drama! Drama is evil! Just say no!

I’m certainly not the only person who feels this way. Take a look at another perspective from fellow blogger Diaper Dads. He suggested it would make for a good blog post, I thank him for the inspiration!

Exciting Bloggy News

I’m so excited to let you know I’m working with SocialMoms (formerly known as TwitterMoms), helping them to moderate their discussion forums for online selling tips and promotion of handmade goods by moms! I’m also working with them to choose items for their new “Shop” tab!

This is my formal invitation to all of you SocialMoms out there to join the fun on Facebook and promote your products or ask questions about online selling, or really just to hang out and connect with other online moms, there are tons of different discussions and ways to get involved.

Click here to check it out!