I know, I know.

I’ve really been phoning it in lately, sorry about that. This past weekend was the preschool benefit auction, of which I was part of the planning committee, and it was using up a vast majority of the little free time I normally have.

I have also been nursing a sinus/lung thing off and on since New Year’s Eve, so there’s been a bit of napping as well. Finally going to the doctor later this week, and praying that it’s nothing serious that I’ve been passing on to all the kiddos at preschool (I did my work day last week even though I was a hacking, mucousy mess).

But then I stumbled on an old pal’s blog today and she hasn’t posted since last October, so I’m feeling a little better about myself. I post more often that that, at least. I mean, most of the time it’s about the weather, or my health or how I never post but, whatever.

There’s BIG stuff coming this spring, I just have a feeling. So hang in there.

Preschool Petri Dish

We were warned about preschool. About how a preschool (or any school or daycare, for that matter) can bring down even the healthiest of children (which I thought my little bug was) on a weekly basis. I shrugged it off. My kiddo is uber-healthy! Won’t happen to us!

I never made a single sick visit to our pediatrician, save for the sprained ankle and the Diaper Rash From Hell, until a month ago. Not that he never got sick, he did have a couple of minor colds. Just nothing doctor-worthy.

Then, we started preschool last December. And we all got a cold. (The unspoken part of this warning that failed to occur to me is that, when kiddo gets sick, the whole family gets sick.) Then the holidays came and went, and we spent our New Year’s Day nursing cold #2. A month later, we are all sick again, this time kiddo gets his first ear infection. And now, another month later, we’re all sick again, and he’s got a double ear infection.

So basically we’ve been sick all year.

Here’s to Spring, opening up the windows to air out the house, sending those germs packing. I’m so tired of being sick. I guess I can be grateful for all of our healthy years. But seriously, TIRED of the SICK.

The Pink Stuff

Perhaps a young child being on antibiotics during cold and flu season isn’t exactly newsworthy, but this is the very! first! time! Bowie has ever gotten a prescription, so I was feeling a little…bloggy.

Bowie has been sick off and on since New Year’s Eve, and it all came to a very dramatic head in the past few days, with a 102 fever and coughs so violent that he threw up a little bit. So, we had to get in to see the pediatrician. And I haven’t had to call for a sick appointment, only regular check ups. So, when I talked to the doctor, and she heard his symptoms and asked a little sternly, “You can’t get him in this afternoon?!”, I was a little worried.

Plus, the whole preschool has been sick this week, all the parents frantically asking if other parents can cover their shifts. I went in and worked my shift yesterday without Bowie, just because I knew it was unlikely anyone could cover for us. And all the moms that did manage to make it yesterday were talking about how their kids had just gotten over such ailments as pneumonia, bronchitis, RSV, you name it. GASP.

Thankfully, Bowie’s chest congestion was deemed “mild” by the doc, likely leftover from the first cold at the beginning of the month. And she informed me that the other symptoms were all probably from the raging ear infection in his left ear.

I’m thinking, an ear infection? That’s IT? I have to keep reminding myself that an ear infection is still kind of a big deal, still needs the pink antibiotics, especially since we’re set to board an airplane in two weeks. And also, my brother and my husband have childhood tales of bad ear infections and tubes and hearing loss. So. Still important.

But THANK GOODNESS for dodged bullets. Gotta keep my little man hydrated, well-rested and full of vitamin C. And the pink stuff.


Disclaimer: this post may not be for the overly squeamish.

On Monday, my second fur baby Velcro (aka Outdoor Kitty for my Twitter peeps) had to undergo last minute surgery. So not what this mama wanted to put her through.

She’s been an outdoor kitty for about a year now, at my husband’s insistence. She was a stray when we found her, and she was always trying to sneak out, so finally we let her go. And she’s super happy, but also she gets herself into some jams.

For instance, about 5 months ago, she came home with a bleeding hole on her abdomen. HOLE. Not into her belly or anything, it just went under the skin, but A HOLE. A BLEEDING HOLE. We monitored it for a few days, and eventually it healed up, no big whoop.

So, last Thursday when she came home and looked like she was smuggling two golf balls in her cheek, I was slightly worried, but not overly so. I kept an eye on her, and she seemed ok. She went back outside on Friday morning, and when she came back the golf balls were gone. DONE, I thought. But oh how wrong I was.

When the wound had first drained, I could see a couple of little tears in her skin that I figured would heal up. On Sunday? She had a 2 inch full-on open wound and we could see her face muscles inside. We figured she’d need some stitches.

Veterinarian: Well, she’s got some infected tissue that will have to be removed, and she’s got some granular tissue that will also have to be removed, and I highly recommend surgery.


Shit, not only because, I’m not sure if you non-pet people realize this but, THE VET IS FLIPPING EXPENSIVE. Shit, also because hello, it’s almost Christmas. Yeah, I wanted an ailing kitty with a cone on her head for Christmas, THANKS, UNIVERSE. And Shit, because my poor little baby girl.

She’s on some heavy duty meds (I had to prove that I was old enough to buy them) so she’s just hanging out in the dog’s old crate, sleeping it off. Today she had some food and water. Poor girl.

I’m still amazed it’s her I’m nursing back to health, and not my ailing, arthritic, senile 17 year old cat (aka Old Man Kitty aka Nashua Beano). If something happens to him anytime soon…Lord help me.

A Funk

Have not blogged in several days, mostly because I’m not feeling so hot. I’ve been in the funkiest of funks.

I’ve got mad writer’s block and can barely muster a rewrite most days (which is as easy as it sounds). And I’m also in one of those ruts the other writers will understand, where you hate every single word you’ve ever written, so you don’t even want to use those drafts you set aside for just such a blocky situation.

I am also letting the idea settle in that we are not likely going to be able to afford to travel for the holidays. Which is always sad, and stresses me like you would not believe. The way prices are at the moment, airfare alone would run us about $1200 to $1500, and that’s not counting the food and the gas and the hotel and the car and blah blah blah. We just don’t have that kind of dough lying around.

And Bowie. Dear, sweet Bowie. He should get an Oscar for some of these tantrums, seriously. The screaming and hitting have not waned. The potty training is happening sometimes, but really mostly not happening. And just, you know, Terrible Twos. And a lot of moms are telling me that Three is worse. Which makes me want to hide my head in the sand.

I also just haven’t felt well physically. I’ve been running with my husband, which has stirred up a lot of old injuries (post-surgery feet, post-arthritis knee, etc.). And I thought I had, um, digestive issues before, but LORD. Something about the way I’ve been eating lately is taking its toll. And hubbs seems to have brought a cold home from the office that we’re all starting to get.

So there you go. Now that I’ve been the Debbie Downer for you all, maybe things will get better. But, I’m still here, still attempting to blog, muddling through the Terrible Twos and, well, surviving, I guess.

The Flu

My head is spinning over this H1N1 stuff. The media are simultaneously telling us that OMG YOU COULD DIE and OMG THE VACCINE IS BAD FOR YOU. So…what are we supposed to do? Duct tape and Saran wrap our windows I guess?

It’s hard to get our hands on real, empirical, helpful, unbiased information. And normally I’d pay no mind to any of this. I have a relatively good immune system, on the off chance I got it, I’d make it.

But, now I have a kiddo to worry about. What if he got it? Some of the stuff I’m reading suggests that small children have different symptoms and it hits them a bit harder. And kids are, you know, DYING and everything, so yeah, I’m a little worried.

Both kiddo and hubbs have been vaccinated for the regular flu (I don’t get this shot, because I got it all through my childhood, but managed to catch it every year anyway, so now I just save myself the cost and try to stay well). It’s the additional H1N1 vaccine I’m confused/scared/undecided about.

And then there’s the fact that most people as of right now can’t even get the vaccine if they want to. And a vaccine can only cover some strains of the flu, you could still get another strain. Or you could still get the flu you’ve been vaccinated for. No guarantees. So, do we err on the side of caution, or do we save the money and just wash our hands and take our vitamins?

What are you doing, and do you have some good sources I could look at?