See ya, March. Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Butt on the Way Out.

March is over. HALLELUIAH. I mean, seriously.

There was the whole cancer thing, and my surgery. And finding out which school Bowie will go to for Kindergarten. And Spring Break. And my kitty dying. By the 31st, I was so done–SO MUCH WITH THE DONE–with March.

The one and only spectacular moment in March was watching Bowie in his first Big Show with Rock Band Land. THAT was pretty awesome.

WELCOME, APRIL. Please be kinder to me. Not that you haven’t been completely crazy busy, I mean it’s the 13th already and I’m just getting to publishing this post. But, busy isn’t necessarily the same as bad. It’s ok to be busy. I think.

So far, so good. Ferris is growing, as usual. People continue to think he’s two months older than he actually is. He’s got a tooth now (well, it’s popped through the gums). He’s going to crawl any flipping second.┬áHe still isn’t really sleeping much between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. But, all in all, we’re doing really well.

Life without kitty feels lonely. Even though I’ve got my three men to keep me busy and keep me company. There’s just this nagging feeling that someone is missing. I’m sure I will settle into life without him just fine, but it’s taking some time.

Bowie is excited about Kindergarten, and we drive past his school every day. His behavior has also improved immensely. The swearing is back, but he’s sort of got it under control. And the physical stuff has really been better. You win some, you lose some I guess. I am having a really┬áhard time accepting that he’s graduating from preschool. Man, that went by in an instant. And it will be really hard to send him to the “big boy school”, but I think I’m the only one who’s not ready for him to go there.

Emotional roller coaster, this year. Headed down the hill at break neck speeds during March, starting up another huge hill right now, sure to head down that one in May. Arms up and, SCREAM with delight at this thing called life.