Disclaimer: this post may not be for the overly squeamish.

On Monday, my second fur baby Velcro (aka Outdoor Kitty for my Twitter peeps) had to undergo last minute surgery. So not what this mama wanted to put her through.

She’s been an outdoor kitty for about a year now, at my husband’s insistence. She was a stray when we found her, and she was always trying to sneak out, so finally we let her go. And she’s super happy, but also she gets herself into some jams.

For instance, about 5 months ago, she came home with a bleeding hole on her abdomen. HOLE. Not into her belly or anything, it just went under the skin, but A HOLE. A BLEEDING HOLE. We monitored it for a few days, and eventually it healed up, no big whoop.

So, last Thursday when she came home and looked like she was smuggling two golf balls in her cheek, I was slightly worried, but not overly so. I kept an eye on her, and she seemed ok. She went back outside on Friday morning, and when she came back the golf balls were gone. DONE, I thought. But oh how wrong I was.

When the wound had first drained, I could see a couple of little tears in her skin that I figured would heal up. On Sunday? She had a 2 inch full-on open wound and we could see her face muscles inside. We figured she’d need some stitches.

Veterinarian: Well, she’s got some infected tissue that will have to be removed, and she’s got some granular tissue that will also have to be removed, and I highly recommend surgery.


Shit, not only because, I’m not sure if you non-pet people realize this but, THE VET IS FLIPPING EXPENSIVE. Shit, also because hello, it’s almost Christmas. Yeah, I wanted an ailing kitty with a cone on her head for Christmas, THANKS, UNIVERSE. And Shit, because my poor little baby girl.

She’s on some heavy duty meds (I had to prove that I was old enough to buy them) so she’s just hanging out in the dog’s old crate, sleeping it off. Today she had some food and water. Poor girl.

I’m still amazed it’s her I’m nursing back to health, and not my ailing, arthritic, senile 17 year old cat (aka Old Man Kitty aka Nashua Beano). If something happens to him anytime soon…Lord help me.


Swimming class update: Bowie’s second swimming lesson was this morning, and we had so much fun! He’s the oldest kid in the class, which allows him to be star pupil a lot. That boosts his confidence, and then he does even better, and so on and so on. It’s been a lot of fun, best $50 I ever spent. Even if I do have to wear a swimming suit in front of a bunch of people.

Potty update: He’s getting better, and in a hurry. For a couple of reasons. One, he has it totally figured out now that if he sits on the potty for a few minutes, he’ll get a piece of chocolate. So, he asks to sit on there about twice an hour now. Soooo….we’re working on alternate treats or “no chocolate unless you go”. Secondly, we stopped offering juice during the day, so he’s drinking a lot less fluids. Makes the diaper stay drier longer haha. But really, I do think he’s getting it.

Sprained ankle update: he was all healed up after just a couple of days. If there was just one word we could use to describe kids: RESILIENT.

Hope you’re all having a great week, ours has been stellar thus far. And, oh yeah, GO GIANTS!

One Part Cute, Ten Parts Mama Heartache

Yesterday morning, I looked at Bowie’s feet and his right foot and ankle were so swollen, they looked like they would pop! After a panic (you know, my usual response) and a trip to the doctor, he looked like this:

Looks sorta cute, but oh my poor little baby boooooooy.

Instructions were to ice it and to keep him off of it. Ever try to keep a 2 year old off his feet? No easy task. Lots of viewings of Wall-E were involved. Good news is, he’s healing up fast, about half the swelling today from yesterday.