Friday Post Which Needs a Better Name

1. It just dawned on me last week as I scrambled to put together a Friday post that it was likely not a very good plan to institute a weekly post regimen right before giving birth. So, this tradition may disappear as quickly as it began. We shall see.

2. As the baby gets bigger and moves lower, it’s getting really painful to stand and walk. So you know, nothing important or anything. One trip to a store is like 3 or 4 trips to the bathroom. Annoying.

3. Thank you for the comments on here and on Twitter about the differences between children. I am not freaking out that much anymore about figuring out a new kid all over again. I did it once, I can do it again. And this time I have most of the basics under my belt to rely upon.

4. The swearing has improved. A little. But it’s still happening. And he’s also added “stupid” and “shut up” to his regular rotation. Which, while not those evil swear words society has deemed unacceptable, they still aren’t great things to be throwing around at preschool. And now, I have a new issue: he likes to lie and say he heard me say a certain word (which 99% of the time is really a lie, I’ve been on my best behavior). So, what do I do with that? He doesn’t quite get the concept of lying, so saying, “Stop lying!” does nothing but make him crack up.

5. Preschool starts back up on Wednesday. All at once too soon (because this reminds me I need to start shopping around for a KINDERGARTEN, my GOD) and not soon enough. I need a break. And a solo trip to Target.

6. Nesting, nesting, NESTING! I never went through this when I was pregnant with Bowie. I am crazy. I reorganized my tampons, people. Officially Sunday, I am 36 weeks pregnant, leaving just 4 short weeks until my due date. And yesterday I had a small moment of panic thinking of how soon this could happen if he came a little early (hey, a girl can dream). Could be as early as 2 weeks, right? So I flipped out a little and organized and reorganized everything. Washed all the baby’s clothes, ordered the final needs from Amazon. Then spent the late afternoon in a near-coma on the couch.

7. I have been nominated again by Circle of Moms for a blog award, this time Top 25 NorCal Moms 2012. If you have a spare moment, go here and vote for Very Bloggy. And your other NorCal favorites too, of course. You can vote once per day, and there’s 2 weeks left to vote. Thank you all for your support, with this and everything else!

8. This picture is actually already as old as last weekend, but it’s so cute, I think I might get arrested if I don’t post it on my blog. He fell off his bike going “down the big huge hill that goes under the cool bridge”. Biggest ouchie he’s had to date, I think.

A few quick things

>I’ve started doing a wee bit o’ writing for Circle of Moms. Check my first post here.

>The fleas in California this year are at apocalyptic levels. Outdoor Kitty had them so bad, she gave herself a skin infection from all the itching, requiring a double round of antibiotics and steroids for the irritation. And even though I have given both kitties their monthly dose of Advantage, I am still finding fleas on them. Which makes me itch and scratch like crazy whenever I feel the tiniest little itch. Pair this with my strong distaste for the silverfish problem our house has and…I’ve got the creepy crawlies 24/7.

>When I was pregnant with Bowie, I ate a ton of junk food, fast food, sugary stuff. This time I really haven’t craved it all that much. Once in a while (like, once a day) I want chocolate, but I don’t overdo it. And I almost never want fast food at all. (Which is just weird for me, pregnant or not.) (But I’m not complaining.) SUCH a different pregnancy, in so many ways.

>Also about this pregnancy: it’s all of a sudden going super s-l-o-w. When I hit the 20 week mark, I thought wow, this is going SO FAST. And now the days are dragging, I can’t imagine myself making it all summer long being pregnant, and I spend all my time either yawning or peeing or being hungry. Or yawning while peeing and being hungry. And for all that yawning, you’d think I’d be able to sleep at night. But, no. My body gearing me up for sleepless nights with the babe, I guess.

>Bowie’s behavior at school improved drastically for a few weeks, but this week went back to its normal ugly self. And I am truly scratching my head. Sometimes in life, I have these thoughts, “If I’m really going to be honest with myself, I know what the problem is here.” But this time? That is NOT the case. I’ve been trying my damnest to be the patient yet firm, fun-loving parent I know I need to be, I really have been trying. And it seems to work some days, but not other days, normal I guess. But, I can’t deal with my normal as ending my day with reports of other kids getting injured by my son, and having my own scratches and bruises from him to contend with. The occupational therapist we have met with is taking her dandy old time getting back to us on what she thinks about his issues or lack thereof with sensory processing. I have a very strong feeling that is the issue (like after a violent outburst in a crowd of kids he tells his teacher “I thought everyone would push me and step on me”), and I’m dying to meet with her and hear her strategies for dealing with it. With the new baby on the way, I’m operating on borrowed time here.

>On a much lighter note, my garden is going off. I guess the past few years of experimentation and poring over gardening books is finally starting to pay off. I’m definitely still experimenting here, but so far so good! I just hope it all doesn’t go to pot when A) we finally get our normal San Francisco cool, foggy summer weather and B) I have a newborn.

Ok, I think that’s it for now. I have to go, I’m hungry. And I have to pee. Have a good week, all!


I’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere!

Hey everyone, hope your weekend was fantastic. Mine was eventful, as huz ran the San Francisco Marathon yesterday, and our day began at 4 a.m. Woot!

Anyway, just wanted to give an update on the Circle of Moms Top 25 SF Bay Area Mom Bloggers contest. Thanks to all of your votes, I made it in at #12 on the list! I will be featured in The RoundUp, the site’s editorial resource. I’m excited for the opportunities this will bring in, and I’m honored to be a part of the list, with such a great group of bloggers! Thanks to all!

I’m also featured today on fellow bloggy lady Shannon’s site, Sweet Stella’s. Thanks Shannon for the lovely post! Everyone take a look, and read some other posts too, some good stuff there! Thanks again and have a great week!

Wordy Wednesday

This post was originally called “Tidbit Tuesday”, but I got lazy last night and forgot to finish it. I’m also on a bit of an alliteration kick lately. Anyway, here goes:

1. A gentle reminder that there are just 2.5 days left to vote for Very Bloggy to be named one of Circle of Moms Top 25 SF Bay Area Mom Blogs! You can vote once every 24 hours. Please tell your friends! I’d love to be at 160 votes when all is said and done. Thank you!

2. Yesterday was our 8th wedding anniversary, thanks for all who wished us well on Twitter and Facebook, it was a good day. We are having a special dinner out this Friday at one of our favorite non-kid-friendly restaurants. And, huz got a new laptop, giving me his old (but not very old at all and in great shape) one. Great anniversary gift. Not bronze, but oh well, I’ll take it anyway.

3. My garden is going crazy! But, I have some slugs and caterpillars attacking my lovely cauliflower plants. Any tried-and-true natural methods for keeping them at bay? Also, there’s a lot of those beetle-type bugs with the pincers on their butts. What is up with those things, and are they eating the plants, or just hiding out in them? Also, what are your best kale recipes? I have more than I know what to do with, but I love growing it, so I just keep on planting it, haha.

4. Also need some advice on transitioning the kiddo from sippy cups to regular cups. He can drink from a regular cup, but when I give him one, it becomes more of a toy than a beverage vehicle, and it’s been…messy. Those old school Tupperware cups with lids we had when we were kids would be perfect. Do they still make something like that? Since they’re “retro” now, they’re not exactly cost effective.

5. The child has been going through some kind of crazy growth spurt lately. He’s drinking milk like a fish. If fish drank milk. And he’s sleeping late in the morning. And he’s been very crabby (and by crabby, I mean wretched). And guess what? He now needs a whole new set of pants in size 4T, but they’re very hard to track down because it’s summertime. Oh well, it will be back-to-school time soon enough, and all the stores will be loaded with pants. In the meantime, he’ll be prepared for a flood.

6. BUT, kiddo bonus, he’s like THISCLOSE to mastering the whole potty thing, and just in time for his return to preschool in about 4 weeks (4 weeks to go still?! GAH). Hopefully it doesn’t set him back. I am kind of enjoying not having to buy Pull-Ups every 3 days.

Happy hump day.