Hi! I’m Still Alive, I Swear!

You guys! I’ve missed you. I haven’t blogged in eons, and I’m so sorry. I’ve been crazy busy! Which I know everyone says. And I fall firmly in the “let’s stop the glorification of busy” camp. BUT.

Being an elementary school mom is mad cakes. The handouts that come home. I could reshape them into a whole tree. (And this is San Francisco!) And each one is asking something from me: volunteer in the classroom, volunteer at this event, you’ve got a parent-teacher conference coming up, we need a dish for this event, can you bake something for this event, hey guess what we want the parents and teachers to get together for a night out so if all that other stuff doesn’t have you too bogged down…

And then there’s the matter of my second son, who we might as well just call Spiderman or King Kong at this point because the kid can climb ANYTHING. I turn my back for 10 seconds, and he’s scaled another structure in our house. Or at the library. Or in our hotel room. Or at Target. So, when he’s awake, there is no put-him-down-to-roam-and-play. It’s me getting up every 10 seconds to peel him off his latest conquest. It keeps a lady busy.

And then there’s the matter of our latest little venture away from home. My little brother Jeremy got married in Florida this past weekend. My baby brother! Married! It happened.

We flew from San Francisco to Fort Myers, stayed for 4 days and then flew back. It was a whirlwind (wonderful!) weekend that included the longest flight that Bowie has ever been on, and our first flight as a family of four. So you can imagine the fun that was had. There was even a lady that told Ferris to “shut up, kid!” when he cried on our 6 a.m. flight bound for home. Yep. She did. Amongst other things. Turns out most of the other people on the flight were annoyed but once they figured out what a raging bitch this woman was, they were more sympathetic. Some of them even commiserated. One guy flew 18 hours with his one year old. Dude deserves a MEDAL OF HONOR.

I have about 100 small drafts of blog posts just hanging out in my drafts folder. But I know that doesn’t really help you guys out too much. The past month has just been one thing after another and I can’t find the time to sit and type, nor can I apply the necessary brain power to coming up with new post ideas. I even picked my computer up when we returned from our trip and had to wipe a layer of dust off of it.

To help liven this apology post up a little, I offer you 3 interesting things I found on the Internet this week. Love you guys, thanks for tuning in and still reading.

1. Whenever you think you’re having a bad day, just remember that you’ve got it better than a good percentage of the rest of the world.

2. This anti-bullying video puts what kids go through into an adult perspective. It really hit home for me. I’ve always been against bullying, of course, but I didn’t know how to relate to a bullied child until I saw this. Powerful stuff.

3. Turns out, I’m not just shy, I’m totally socially awkward.

See ya, March. Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Butt on the Way Out.

March is over. HALLELUIAH. I mean, seriously.

There was the whole cancer thing, and my surgery. And finding out which school Bowie will go to for Kindergarten. And Spring Break. And my kitty dying. By the 31st, I was so done–SO MUCH WITH THE DONE–with March.

The one and only spectacular moment in March was watching Bowie in his first Big Show with Rock Band Land. THAT was pretty awesome.

WELCOME, APRIL. Please be kinder to me. Not that you haven’t been completely crazy busy, I mean it’s the 13th already and I’m just getting to publishing this post. But, busy isn’t necessarily the same as bad. It’s ok to be busy. I think.

So far, so good. Ferris is growing, as usual. People continue to think he’s two months older than he actually is. He’s got a tooth now (well, it’s popped through the gums). He’s going to crawl any flipping second. He still isn’t really sleeping much between the hours of midnight and 6 a.m. But, all in all, we’re doing really well.

Life without kitty feels lonely. Even though I’ve got my three men to keep me busy and keep me company. There’s just this nagging feeling that someone is missing. I’m sure I will settle into life without him just fine, but it’s taking some time.

Bowie is excited about Kindergarten, and we drive past his school every day. His behavior has also improved immensely. The swearing is back, but he’s sort of got it under control. And the physical stuff has really been better. You win some, you lose some I guess. I am having a really hard time accepting that he’s graduating from preschool. Man, that went by in an instant. And it will be really hard to send him to the “big boy school”, but I think I’m the only one who’s not ready for him to go there.

Emotional roller coaster, this year. Headed down the hill at break neck speeds during March, starting up another huge hill right now, sure to head down that one in May. Arms up and, SCREAM with delight at this thing called life.


It’s Friday, Friday, Gotta Get Down on Friday

1. I can’t believe how busy I’ve been lately. This week we had three doctor’s appointments in one day. And that was only Tuesday. There were more. On the plus side, it’s been making the weeks of pregnancy fly by maniacally. On the minus side, I’m so exhausted by the end of every day, I don’t have the energy to clean the house, feed us, read blogs, write my own blog, really anything that involves movement. Even if the only movement involved is of my eyes. I have to store up all the energy I have left to heave my huge pregnant body off the couch to pee every 20 minutes.

2. I’ve been hammering away at a lengthy, possibly controversial, emotional? post about breastfeeding. Hoping to gather the courage to hit “publish” one of these days.

3. The gestational diabetes thing has been going well. I only had a couple of readings over the limit, and the nurse said I only need to be at 80% to avoid needing medication or insulin, so I’m doing really well. But, when I went in for my second appointment, to go over the numbers, the receptionist took my meter and totally downloaded all the numbers into a computer. Didn’t even know they were gonna do that. I can’t flub the numbers. At all. (Not that the thought ever crossed my mind of course. Ahem.) I can’t go indulge once in the bacon waffle from Beachside and then just sort of make something up to make it all look normal. Suddenly I feel really confined by it, not being able to say, “Just eff it.” Just for one meal, one day, after weeks of behaving myself. I’m in this for the long haul. Nine more weeks of “Yay, my post-dinner blood sugar looks ok, I can have one small bite of that brownie.” In case you’re keeping track, that means approximately 250 more finger pokings, give or take.

4. I feel enormous. Ok, I know I said that before, like months ago. Stupid me. How could I forget how much bigger I would be feeling. And getting. And I just read something yesterday that said the baby now weighs about 3 pounds. Which means in the next 9 weeks, he’s going to gain somewhere in the area of 5 or 6 more pounds. And judging by his movement lately, he’s gonna need a lot more belly room for that. So, the mama expands. I can barely bend over to pick anything up. I’ve been enlisting Bowie’s help a lot with this lately (because how cruel is it that as pregnancy progresses, you can’t bend over to pick anything up, but you also become a lot more clumsy?) and PLEASE DON’T HATE ME but last week I dropped a gum wrapper on the sidewalk and I…totally left it there PLEASE DON’T HATE ME.

5. But, I’m trying to remember that I will, for some screwball reason, miss being pregnant. I know I did after having Bowie. It was so much easier having him safe inside me. And I had some mega crazy postpartum ugly cries about not being able to shove Bowie back in because why did I bring a helpless little person into this crazy world?! Why?! So yeah, the 9 weeks will pass, and the baby will be here, and I will be a frazzled, hormonal mess. Let’s enjoy the “quiet” time of only having one kid, and having the world be perfectly content to wait on me hand and foot because of the belly.

6. Because I know I got the earwig stuck in your head anyway, a bonus:

Gearing Up

I haven’t posted in so long, SORRY ABOUT THAT!

I’m getting ready to sell my jewelry at my first ever craft fair this Saturday at my son’s preschool. And I’m so nervous. There are a million things to do and think about.

I’m measuring time this week in cups of tea and number of things left on my hefty to-do list. All the while, swinging back and forth between extreme optimism that I will make gazillions of dollars and finally feel like my work is paying off, and crushing pessimism that I will look like a fool and no one will buy any of my stuff.

I’m worried I won’t look professional, given my homemade displays and lack of business cards. But then I remember I don’t have to look professional, it’s just a preschool craft fair for Pete’s sakes. And will I make my stuff look too cheap by having too much inventory? But I can practice setting it up, and make sure it doesn’t. SWINGING LIKE A PENDULUM, I tell you.

So, that’s what’s been hogging up all my bloggy time. And my mind power. Be back at you next week, hopefully hundreds of dollars richer.

I know, I know.

I’ve really been phoning it in lately, sorry about that. This past weekend was the preschool benefit auction, of which I was part of the planning committee, and it was using up a vast majority of the little free time I normally have.

I have also been nursing a sinus/lung thing off and on since New Year’s Eve, so there’s been a bit of napping as well. Finally going to the doctor later this week, and praying that it’s nothing serious that I’ve been passing on to all the kiddos at preschool (I did my work day last week even though I was a hacking, mucousy mess).

But then I stumbled on an old pal’s blog today and she hasn’t posted since last October, so I’m feeling a little better about myself. I post more often that that, at least. I mean, most of the time it’s about the weather, or my health or how I never post but, whatever.

There’s BIG stuff coming this spring, I just have a feeling. So hang in there.