The Versatile Blogger

I have been given a wonderful award from lawyer-turned-stay-at-home-mom Chrissy over at The Outlaw Mom. The Versatile Blogger award! I’m so honored she thought of me to include in her list of fun bloggers and great writers! Many, many heartfelt thanks to her!

I like reading The Outlaw Mom for her yummy food ideas, great project ideas for toddlers, fun style ideas and generally just her down-to-earth take on motherhood. Once in a while, I have the pleasure of stumbling upon a blogger who’s such a pleasure to read, because we’re so similar. Chrissy is one of those bloggers.

It’s also always a surprise to find out that people out there are actually reading (and enjoying) Very Bloggy. It amazes me. And I still get those fun butterflies in my tummy every time I have a new comment (even though most of the time it’s family) (thanks mom!).

So, the idea with this award is to pay it forward to 15 fellow bloggers that I have recently discovered or that are old favorites, and give them some much deserved special recognition. Here goes:

[If you’re one of my 15 and you want to participate, here are the rules: 1) link back to the person awarding you, with thanks; 2) pay it forward to 15 newly discovered bloggers; and 3) list 7 random things about yourself.]

1. Blue Jean Amy — I’ve been following BJA for a while now, she’s a great writer, a fun gal and a wonderful mommy.

2. The Bra Factory — The story of Nikki and her (expanding) brood. Always a fun and charming read. I actually discovered her through BJA.

3. Grumble Girl — Tracey is so great, and she always makes me laugh (even when I really don’t wanna). Fantastic blog from a wonderful mama.

4. Mama Mash — Hilarious and fun, always a great read.

5. Culdesacked — A poignant look at suburban American life. Sometimes funny, sometimes touching, always raw and honest.

6. Two Adults, One Brown Baby — She’s always got me cracking up reading her posts. A fun and sweet blog.

7. Karyn Gallagher — Super fun-to-read blog about Karyn’s life as a mom and woman.

8. Mommy-Schmommy — A fun, entertaining, honest look at motherhood.

9. White Sugar, Brown Sugar — Sweet, smart, adoptive mama with some really lovely posts.

10. Kelly Tirman — Great, fun lady I have met IRL. Raising a multilingual brood. Her blog is stylish and lovely with timely posts on all kinds of fun stuff.

11. Navigating the Mothership — Love her writing style, love her take on “the mothership”.

12. Sweet Stella’s — A fun gal, a super mompreneur and great blogger.

13. Meghan GWine — I knew her when she was “AMomTwoBoys”. Good reads on motherhood, parenting and life.

14. Diaper Dads — A fun dad blogger and overall good guy, on a mission to help dads find mens rooms with changing tables.

15. Late Mommy’s Blog — She sweet and funny, and a Chicago sports fan to boot.

Fifteen slots is just not enough! I hope no one feels forgotten or left out. If you’re not on this list, that in no way means I don’t enjoy your blog. Also, I know I use “great” and “funny” and “sweet” a lot, but I don’t want it to seem like I’m not genuinely in love with those folks. It’s just tough to find 15 different ways to say “they’re awesome.” Haha.

And now…drumroll please…my 7 Random Things About Me:

1. I love old Barbra Streisand movies.
2. I could eat pizza for every meal for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.
3. My son is not actually named after David Bowie, but we love the association.
4. I worked at an amusement park in college. I ran some roller coasters, the train, some little kid rides and, yes, the Tilt-a-Whirl.
5. My three favorite hobbies are crafting, gardening and cooking.
6. I LOVE living in San Francisco. I hope I never have to live anywhere else. Ever.
7. I’m a hippie, straight up.

Thanks again to The Outlaw Mom, and I hope all 15 of my picks can participate!

Save the Drama for….Not This Mama

I’m not a fan of drama. Never have been. I’m not talking about fictional drama. I’m a sucker for a good, well-written dramatic movie or TV show.

The kind of drama I’m talking about is personal drama. But, again I must clarify. We all have drama in our lives. Family drama, career drama, health drama, political drama, etc.

I’m talking specifically about personal drama that you have not only created and put upon yourself for no apparent reason, but then you also feel the need to whine to everyone within earshot about it, with the pretentious assumption that everyone cares.

Case in point, inspiration behind this post: Mom blogger I don’t follow on Twitter is retweeted. The tweet takes a quote from a well-known journalist speaking about bloggers completely out of context, and also puts words into that journalist’s mouth that were never actually said and/or implied. I’d give specifics, but then I’d be feeding the drama machine.

The basic gist of my story is that this was a news story about one specific blog, and the First Amendment and blah blah blah. But, this person heard ONE LINE (and not even actually heard, for the record, heard secondhand from someone else) and pulled that line out of context, and made an attempt to create drama around it. They thought, “hey I’m a blogger, and this journalist said a phrase that could either 1. make complete sense to all people or 2. alienate all bloggers everywhere. I think I will take the more dramatic road, just to cause trouble.”

There is PLENTY of drama in this crazy, mixed-up world of ours, without us contributing. And, let’s just pretend for one second that the journalist in our story actually did say what the blogger thought they had said, and the drama there was real. Just pretend for a second.

Even if that were the case, there is a lot of drama in our world that’s far, FAR more important than that. And needs our attention. Here’s the short list: natural disasters, fascist dictators, genocide, suicide, drugs, STDs, sociopaths, pedophiles, cancer, gang violence…I mean, you get the point, right? There are a lot of things in this world that come before Bigtime Journalist Says Something That Could Be Misconstrued on the list of Things We Should Make A Fuss About.

My example here is a fairly public comment, having been publicized on Ye Olde Twitter and all. But, I’ve seen plenty of this in people’s private lives as well. It often drives rifts between family members and old friends, which is just a damn shame.

Just ask yourself, before you get all uppity about something, Am I doing this because it is a genuine problem, something that needs fixing, and I’m concerned for the well-being of those involved? OR, am I just stirring up trouble to create some excitement in my life?

It’s perfectly ok to have family and friends that you love unconditionally, and never fight with. The world needs more of that. There’s no need for extra drama! Drama is evil! Just say no!

I’m certainly not the only person who feels this way. Take a look at another perspective from fellow blogger Diaper Dads. He suggested it would make for a good blog post, I thank him for the inspiration!

Quiet Chaos

It’s been quiet on here lately, I know. Sorry about that. It’s certainly NOT for lack of exciting/stressful/scary goings-on in our life right now, we’ve got QUITE an abundance of that THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Just…nothing I can write about on here. I have limits. Most of my readers know me and/or my family members and friends personally, so I really have to zip it when it comes to some stuff to avoid hurt feelings. Pretty sure even if I tried to “protect the innocent”, people would figure it out. And, it has the potential to come across as gossip, which I hate.

Anyway, I’m still here, sorting it out. Trying to think of funny, exciting, safe blog topics to take on.

What can I tell you? Some shorts:

1. Kiddo is LOVING preschool. LOVING it. And I have become part of one of the most amazing groups of people I could ever hope to. We’ve only been a part of the community for about 6 weeks now, but people have been so welcoming and supportive, it’s amazing. If any of you have stumbled upon my blog, thank you so much.

2. Spent an amazing evening with playgroup friends last night. We didn’t get together much over the holidays and I forgot how much I love our rag tag group of misfits we call a “mom’s group”. I hope we never lose touch, and I hope our kids know each other into adulthood.

3. We put kiddo on a juice detox. He was just drinking way too much of the stuff. We had tried this once before and CAVED miserably after 2 days. This time around, those same 2 days were pretty rough, and I was leaving him in the bath extra long so he’d drink some of the water, I was so worried about him getting too dehydrated. But yesterday, day 3, he saw all of his playgroup buddies drinking water, asked me for some, and promptly downed 2 full cups. And then peed his pants ahem.

4. Go Bears. That is all.