Group Therapy: The Other Shoe

Some of you may remember my epic post a while back about the issues I have with worry and anxiety. And I was doing REALLY well for a while there, getting good amounts of sleep, not worrying at all about kiddo while he’s at preschool, I mean phenomenally good for me.

But, we’ve had several close friends suffer some heavy stuff lately. No details, because that’s not the point. The point of me telling you that is…I am back to my old ways of sitting around, waiting for the next bad thing to happen, which I’m always certain will happen to me.

My mind is swirling these days with worst-case-scenario junk, and I can’t for the life of me shut it off. Poor sleep, constant worrying about the kiddo, worrying about money, the future, LIFE. So worried, that I’m having trouble actually living that life that I’m so worried about.

So, basically, I’m relapsing. HOWEVER, I think I’m handling things better than I would have before. Before I read that amazing article and had a real personal transformation. I’m still a basket case some days. But not quite the basket case I would have been had I not forced myself to sit down and confront these worrying and anxiety demons.

So, that’s progress, right?

Taking a deep breath. Re-reading the article. Thanks for listening.