End of Naps?

We’re phasing out Bowie’s nap.

Before you write me off as a total masochist, you must understand, this was in response to our days beginning at 4am and ending at 10pm. The kid (read: mommy and daddy) needed his sleep to be during the dark hours. It just seemed like his schedule needed some outside help.

This transition has certainly not been without its troubles. Every day he’s in a different mood, and I have to try to assess whether he needs a quick snooze or not. Usually of four things happens:

1. He takes a short nap right after lunch, has a good afternoon and goes to bed on time.

2. He doesn’t take a nap at all, has an okay afternoon, falls asleep in his high chair eating dinner and thusly goes to bed early. And gets up early the next morning.

3. He acts like he doesn’t need a nap, but then falls asleep late in the afternoon on his bedroom floor or the couch or my lap and I have to wake him up, guaranteeing myself a crappy afternoon.

4. He acts like he needs a nap and asks to lay down in his crib, but then doesn’t nap, has a terrible afternoon, and screams and cries until bed time.

Today is shaping up to be a number 4. But, promisingly, yesterday was kind of a 2, but he stayed up until his regular bedtime. Making me think, he’s getting this. Maybe? Hopefully?

When did your children stop napping? Was it on their own, or did you have to help?

Trying to Stay Strong

I waited 5 months after getting laid off to file for unemployment. I suppose I thought that I could find a job right away (even in a recession?) and I suppose I was embarrassed to be in need of public assistance. But, thing is, we really needed the money.

So, now I’m going to the slew of meetings they make you attend, which I’m sure you’re familiar with if you’ve ever been on unemployment, at least in California.

This morning was a job-finding workshop. Aside from the woman complaining about her 11 hour days to a room full of people who don’t have jobs, the session was motivating and informative.

She mentioned at the end that with all the rejections and frustration, we should not allow ourselves to get depressed, because it was a road with no end. You end up curled up in bed, never finding work.

Well, that info would have been so helpful 6 months ago. As I said in an earlier post, I am there. I am what they call down in the dumps. Taking rejection after rejection and not having enough money to pay bills and facing the terrible realization that I did not network or update my resume enough while I was still employed, well it has a very deteriorating effect on your fighting spirit.

Year 31

Today, I turn 31. Not a big deal, I suppose. Last year was really the big year.

But, thinking of myself ten years ago makes me laugh. 21. Who knew the mixed up little beer-guzzling band bunny I was back then would turn out to be the wife and mother I am today? My 21 year old self would be so bored with me. Just goes to show people DO change, they change all the time!

For fun, I dug up some journal entries from year 21, like I did last year (which you can’t see because we’re still cleaning up from the data loss, but I hope to have that post back up very soon).

This is a good one: “The next day [after my birthday] I watched C’s plane until I couldn’t see it anymore and I felt like dying. This long distance thing is really getting to me. I have to go to UWEC next year because I signed a lease, but so help me God, if I don’t graduate in a year, I’m quitting school, moving to Indiana and getting a full time job”.

Hahahahahahahahaha. Oh my. All that for a boy who never respected me and bowed to kiss his parents’ feet when they told him I was ruining his college career (hello, I was in the same relationship, and my grades were fine!). I ended up breaking up with him the following fall and going to school for 3 ½ more years. And thank God. I have a degree that I actually like using. And Indiana? INDIANA? What was I thinking?! No disrespect to anyone who lives in Indiana, it’s just…not for me. I can’t believe just 10 years ago, I thought the sun rose and set in his stupid steel toed boots (that he wore for no reason, he didn’t even have a job at McDonald’s back then).

This one is fun. Written while I was reading Bridget Jones’s Diary, can you tell? “Calls from boyfriend: 3, with one more promised later. Fingers smashed in car door: 3. Hours of sleep last night: 4. Classes attended: 1 of 3. Hours of sleep after class: 2. Diet Cokes: 3. Level of gladness that I skipped class: infinite.”

Four hours of sleep?! I’d never make it on that nowadays. Four calls in one day from the boyfriend? I didn’t have that kind of time back then, did I? And 2 classes skipped in one day? Good lord, no wonder it took me 6 years to get a Bachelor’s degree. Sheesh, girl! But, I guess now at age 31, I’m no worse for the wear, right?

P.S. I have the same birthday as my good friend N. Happy birthday hon!

Me and Exercising

We don’t really mix. The story is really just that I spent about 97% of my 3 decades on this planet not being required to work out. I was definitely that girl you hated because she could scarf down a McDonald’s value meal three times a week and not gain an ounce. Of course, I did gain a small amount of weight in college, the Freshman Ten or So. But then it stopped there.

Fast forward to now. I work at home, and have been careless about my computer-side treats. (Let’s just say, I haven’t quite kicked the McDonald’s habit yet. Not three times a week anymore, but really no amount is good.) And I have taken to having a glass or two of wine every night to kill the buzz in my head from my day. (Also, admittedly, not healthy at all.)

I am tipping the scales at 30 pounds heavier than before I got pregnant. No, make that 30 pounds heavier than I was 4 MONTHS POST PARTUM. That’s right, I can’t even blame having a baby for this one. I breastfed, which made me drop the baby weight like SNAP! But, SAHM life made me gain it all back like S-N-A-P….(get it, it’s lumbering along because I’m fat).

So now, I’m that 30 something who needs to work out. But, I loathe running, and even if I wanted to give it a try again, helloooo it’s really hilly here, no thanks. I like aerobics and dancing and that kind of stuff, but good luck finding time to do that with a toddler around.

Here’s the situation right now: I’m taking long walks on some mornings, the hubbs takes care of the kiddo. And I’m hopping on the Wii Fit on other mornings, which seems to keep kiddo entertained and he stays out of my hair. The goal is to lose a few pounds a week until we’re back on track. Then, I just hope I can commit so we don’t end up back in this fat place again.

A Call for Kiddo Food Ideas

Food isn’t the four-letter word it used to be in our house. (I mean, in regards to our toddler son. My husband and I LUUUURV food, in all shapes, colors, sizes and forms, mkay?) Bowie is eating a plethora of new things (including cheese tortellini and eggs!). Stuff he wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole just 2 weeks ago.

BUT, I’m out of ideas. I mean, I know what he likes to eat, and I make that for him all the time. But, I’m not sure what new foods to introduce or re-introduce. Here’s what he’s totally into right now (and please RELAX, I buy it all at Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s):

mac and cheese

chicken nuggets



berries, well fruit in general

toaster pastries (fancy word for Pop Tarts)

pita bread

almond butter & jelly sammies

cereal bars

Yo Baby



On a really good day, he’ll also eat:


scrambled eggs

Pirate’s Booty


grilled cheese

I want to expand this list. So I’m not rotating the same foods all week long. And also, what types of recipes can you make for the whole family that a toddler might also deign to eat?

Routine? What’s that?

Funny thing about parenthood: just when you get into a routine, and you think you’ve got it all down, kiddo goes and changes the routine, and you once again have no idea what you’re doing.

For the better part of last week, Bowie didn’t nap. He napped yesterday, so I know we’re not crossing the totally napless threshold, but it’s not looking good.

When he doesn’t nap, it’s certainly not because he isn’t tired. The long, screaming, crying, whining afternoon is proof of that. And have you ever tried to keep a toddler busy for 13 straight hours? It’s, well, a challenge.

Also new in our house is the Diaper/Clothing Change Avoidance. Whenever he sees me coming with a diaper and wipes or an outfit, he runs the other way shouting, “WAIT!” Which would be super cute except no, sweetie, we can’t wait to change your diaper, it’s full of stinky poo that’s going to give you a horrible rash. And we have to put on the pajamas now because sweet baby Jesus, it’s bedtime. I’ve had to use all my strength to hold him down with one arm while wrangling a diaper and some clothes on with the other had.

And, ok, guess what else? Nothing in the kitchen is safe anymore. We baby-proofed the important stuff. Well, the stuff he could reach anyway. Only, now? He can reach EVERYTHING. Including items on the counter, and in the knife drawer. (Oh yeah, good thing I was paying attention that day.) At any given moment you’ll find about 30 DVDs, all the chips and crackers and all my pots and pans strewn about the house. Picking it up is useless, because it only takes him about 2 minutes to recreate the mess.

That’s life with a toddler. One day, you’re supermom, and you know exactly what to do and when to do it. The next day you’re a complete mess because you have spent the whole day running after the kiddo to change him, then to get something dangerous out of his hands, then to change him again, then to deal with his sleep deprivation tantrum regarding the cookies he found in the cupboard that you won’t let him have. Oh Bowie, let’s get past this Terrible Twos thing, shall we?


So, for three summers during college, I was a ride operator at an amusement park.

Ahem. No, not a carnie, those people travel. We were in the same, permanent spot. Haha.

So anyway, one of the rides I worked on was the diesel engine train, which was a blast to drive but also one of the more technical rides to operate in the park. And everything had to be timed just so. There were a ton of crossings that were operated by hand, so there was a lot of whistle signals and walkie talkies and the whole process was down to a science.

There was this one particular crossing near one of the entertainment stages, and at night it was tempting to go up and watch the show for a minute, to kill the boredom. But, you had to have your ears wide open for the whistle, so you could open the gate.

One night, a girl didn’t hear it, and the train crashed into the gate. Which was like a BIG deal. MAJOR deal. She didn’t lose her job, but it was not pretty for her record.

Anyway, she recently friended me on Facebook. And she’s all grown up now, just got married, is a graphic designer, sells handbags, lots of interesting stuff.

But, to me, she’s always “the girl who let the train crash into the gate”. I just cannot shake it.

Get the Tissues

I don’t recall where I read it, but someone has said that when you have a child, you feel like your heart is in their body. If they’re happy, you’re happy. If they’re hurt, you’re hurt.

But, what they don’t tell you, is a little piece of you is with EVERY kid on the planet. You can’t see kids who are sad, hurt or disappointed without your heart aching. You imagine if that were your child, and then you know how that parent must feel (or some idea of it).

Three days ago, I did not know the little girl named Layla Grace. But I saw many people offering prayers, good vibes, good thoughts and support, so I took a look at her profile.

YOU GUYS. A 2 year old girl dying of cancer. Rips your freaking heart out, I don’t care who you are. I was feeling a lot of self-pity since last week, but this wiped that all away. I have my health. I have my son. I have my son’s health. That’s about all that really matters.

This morning, she passed away. And I am sitting here in a puddle of tears for a little girl I only know about because of Twitter, and have only known about for 3 days. Because it’s unfair that terrible people get to walk this earth day after day, spreading their hate and evil around, while innocent 2 year old babies have to suffer and die.

Rest in peace, Layla Grace. You were so brave.



So, I’m pretty proud of the fact that we went the entire winter without turning on our furnace. We bundled up, drank warm beverages and used lots of blankets. But, no furnace!

Now, I know we don’t exactly live somewhere sub-arctic or anything (now THAT would be impressive), but it did get darn near freezing temperatures here on a couple of occasions, and we spent the better part of December and January in the 40s, so it was pretty cold.

I wish I could say we were being martyrs for Mother Earth, but it’s more like this: we share the bill with the landlords, who are mega energy hogs and we just wanted the utility bill to be slightly lower. It was kind of a fun challenge too, though. Just how long could we go? What creative ways could we use to stay warm?

And before you report me to CPS, we had a small space heater in the kiddo’s room that we turned on at night. His room can get a little cold, so we couldn’t expect him to go completely without. And he also has a really warm, fleecy blanket that my grandma made for him.

What are you doing to save a buck / save the earth / challenge yourself?