Shout Out for Cloth Dipes

I didn’t put Bowie in cloth diapers because, I’m sort of a wimp when it comes to all things bodily fluid. Especially the #1 and #2 variety. I try to live as green as possible, but I didn’t think the material that modern disposables are made of was that bad, and I knew I’d be washing the cloth diapers like 765 times a day each because of my poo and pee phobia.

Of course, now that I’ve been diapering him for almost 2 years now, not only do I know a little more about diapers and am horrified that I’ve thrown approximately 5000 diapers into the landfill (and that’s a REAL number, not a comedy made up one) but, I am also aware that motherhood gives you a fair amount of immunity to the poo and pee gross factor. You get a little poo on your hands and you’re like meh.

I became a little perturbed a few weeks ago, as I mentioned in a previous post, about the lack of consistency in the anatomy of a Pampers diaper, depending on where you purchase it. And, as I recently found out, they have changed all of their diapers, so you’re getting a lower quality diaper pretty much wherever you go.

But also now, someone that I follow on Twitter has pointed me to this lovely gem (Edit: No longer available thanks to a powerful mommy blogger community, way to go ladies!) from the Pampers web site about disposable vs. cloth diapers. Just take a moment to read through it, and I’m pretty sure that whatever side of the fence you’re on with your diapering, you’ll find this a little condescending and offensive. Some of the stuff that’s written there is complete, outright, bold-faced lying. And misleading statements. And manipulation of facts at its best.

Bowie’s going to be out of diapers in (KNOCK ON WOOD) maybe 4 to 6 months. So, I’m not going to make the change right now. But I SO WOULD if he were younger. I was naïve and I was suckered in by the Big Box Company Marketing Campaign. Cloth is the way to go. I salute you, cloth diapering parents!

The Mouths of Babes

Funny things my kid says/does now that he’s getting the hang of this talking thing:

He will knock something over and ask, “What did you do?”

When I leave the room and he doesn’t want me to he says, “Get back here!”

When he hits the cat he yells, “Mama, don’t hit kitty!”

When the sun gets in his eyes (which he HATES for some reason), he screams, “OOOOOWWWWW!” from the backseat of the car, which never fails to make my heart jump into my throat.

If he’s walking near you, and you happen to touch in any way he says, “Oops, sorry!”

When he drops something he says, “Oh, shit!”

When the cat runs away from him to a place he can’t get to he says, “OH NO MAMA GET THE KITTY OH NO WHERE’S KITTY? WHY???”

Whenever I open the refrigerator he says, “Strawberries? Strawberries. Mmm, strawberries. Strawberries?” And if I don’t have any: tantrum city.

Climbing on top of the printer and speaker, “GET DOWN!” Like, before he’s even up there.

Every night before bed, he hugs daddy, and they look out the window together and he yells, “Bye bye Sicko!” Sicko=San Francisco 🙂

It’s so fun watching them learn and grow and try to communicate. I need to get this on tape for the 18th birthday party, hehe.

End of Naps?

We’re phasing out Bowie’s nap.

Before you write me off as a total masochist, you must understand, this was in response to our days beginning at 4am and ending at 10pm. The kid (read: mommy and daddy) needed his sleep to be during the dark hours. It just seemed like his schedule needed some outside help.

This transition has certainly not been without its troubles. Every day he’s in a different mood, and I have to try to assess whether he needs a quick snooze or not. Usually of four things happens:

1. He takes a short nap right after lunch, has a good afternoon and goes to bed on time.

2. He doesn’t take a nap at all, has an okay afternoon, falls asleep in his high chair eating dinner and thusly goes to bed early. And gets up early the next morning.

3. He acts like he doesn’t need a nap, but then falls asleep late in the afternoon on his bedroom floor or the couch or my lap and I have to wake him up, guaranteeing myself a crappy afternoon.

4. He acts like he needs a nap and asks to lay down in his crib, but then doesn’t nap, has a terrible afternoon, and screams and cries until bed time.

Today is shaping up to be a number 4. But, promisingly, yesterday was kind of a 2, but he stayed up until his regular bedtime. Making me think, he’s getting this. Maybe? Hopefully?

When did your children stop napping? Was it on their own, or did you have to help?

A Call for Kiddo Food Ideas

Food isn’t the four-letter word it used to be in our house. (I mean, in regards to our toddler son. My husband and I LUUUURV food, in all shapes, colors, sizes and forms, mkay?) Bowie is eating a plethora of new things (including cheese tortellini and eggs!). Stuff he wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole just 2 weeks ago.

BUT, I’m out of ideas. I mean, I know what he likes to eat, and I make that for him all the time. But, I’m not sure what new foods to introduce or re-introduce. Here’s what he’s totally into right now (and please RELAX, I buy it all at Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s):

mac and cheese

chicken nuggets



berries, well fruit in general

toaster pastries (fancy word for Pop Tarts)

pita bread

almond butter & jelly sammies

cereal bars

Yo Baby



On a really good day, he’ll also eat:


scrambled eggs

Pirate’s Booty


grilled cheese

I want to expand this list. So I’m not rotating the same foods all week long. And also, what types of recipes can you make for the whole family that a toddler might also deign to eat?


Like many kids his age, Bowie wakes up in the middle of the night. Almost every night. And it gets a little tiring. Most of the time, we can lay him back down and he’s fine. He’s still tired enough that once his little head hits the pillow, he’s out.

But some nights, like Sunday night, he’s inconsolable. Especially if my husband goes to his room and not me. So, at 3 a.m. when he was screaming and flailing and hyperventilating, I reluctantly went into his room and tried to lay him down. He was clinging to me, and just really wanted me to hold him. I’d been suffering a rather painful pulled muscle that day, and picking him up, I knew, would cause searing pain.

But, eventually I gave in and picked him up. We sat together in the chair in his room, and he instantly fell silent. He took a deep breath, and hugged me tightly. We sat there like that for a few minutes, and he fell asleep and I was able to lay him down.

At the time, I was thinking I’m going to be so tired tomorrow. But, the next day, I was actually really glad I did that. He just wanted his mom. Nothing else in the world could make him feel better. And that’s pretty darn special.

Last night at our playgroup, I told the story, and my friend reminded me that we’ve only got a limited number of these snuggles, someday they won’t need them anymore. We should soak them up now while we can.

Kiddo, I’ll snuggle you as long as you’ll have me.

18 Months

I never got into the writing a letter to my kid every month thing, but for some reason, 18 months seems like one of those really important milestone ages and I just had some musings on it, so here we go.

You are 18 months now, kiddo. I cannot believe it has been a full year and a half since you were born, because I can remember even the most minute detail about your birth as if it happened just yesterday. But now you’re walking, running, talking, playing with toys in their intended fashion, you’re growing up! And everyone says that before I know it, we’ll be celebrating 18 years. I think I believe them.

Right now, your favorite words are “doggie” and “daddy”, but since you seem to enjoy hugging me more than hugging doggie or daddy, I don’t take insult at the fact that you haven’t gotten the word “mommy” down quite yet.

You’ve mastered the art of the tantrum, and some days I want to pull all my hair out and throw the couch through the window, but I remind myself that it’s a phase. At least I flipping hope so! And you’re teaching me to be a more patient and understanding person. So there’s that.

Every day with you is a complete joy, tantrums, poopy diapers and all. As I watch you grow and change, it becomes harder and harder to believe that you are something that I made inside of me (well, with a little help from nature). I used to think I’d want you to be a baby forever, but now I find myself eager to see what comes next.

Love you kiddo.


Yeah, it’s tough.

So far, raising a kid is not getting easier as I was told it would. It is still a 24/7 mashup of worry, frustration, lack of privacy, wondering if you’re doing it right, frustration, worry and a love that will make your heart burst. It’s difficult. The proverbial emotional roller coaster.

Now, I don’t want to scare some of my readers whose first little ones are still on the way or bundled in their cute little 0-3 months clothes. It doesn’t get easier, but it doesn’t get harder. Each phase they go through presents you with a new set of challenges. Sometimes it feels harder, because the older they get the more independent (read: demanding) they get, and it can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you, say, work from home. Or just need to do some laundry. But, you can handle it.

My theory, and really just my undying hope, is that this is the Terrible Twos, and once through this, it truly does get easier. Right now, Bowie knows what he wants and needs, but can’t communicate it to us. Also, we have no way of reasoning with him and explaining why he can’t do this and must do that. From his perspective, I suppose it seems like we’re denying him fun, excitement and cookies just because. For no good reason. That has to be so frustrating. So, he throws a tantrum until we figure out what it is he needs, or distract him from what he wants.

But I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s still going to be hard. I mean, a year from now, he’ll be able to talk back. He’ll have a little kiddo opinion, probably about everything, which may lead to some issues with broccoli, bedtime, TV and kissing grandma. And 5 years from now? He’ll have a life. He’ll be making decisions for himself every single day. And as a parent, you can only sit back and let them make those decisions, all the while worrying that they’ll make the wrong one and get hurt. Or worse.

So, I keep trying to remind myself of what’s to come. And that he’s only little once. I need to slow down and try to savor this time, even if it is riddled with tantrums and teething and picky eating. At least he’s healthy, and happy most of the time. And who knows? If I do well now, maybe he will come to me later with some of those decisions and ask for my opinion.

If we look sleepy…

…this is why.

I have a confession to make. Bowie has not slept through the night in about 2 months. And it’s not teething, and it’s not hunger, and it’s not noise (well, not all the time, because, well, THREE PETS). We’ve tried to remedy all those problems, and it still seems to be happening.

At first, we gave him more milk, and he drifted back to sleep. Then, that didn’t always work. He was cutting molars at that point, so we’d give him Tylenol and rock him back to sleep. Then that stopped working. So, then we were rocking him, laying him back down then rubbing his tummy or head until he fell back asleep, and then slooooowly tip toeing out the door, careful to step over the creaky board.

On a desperate night, we’d bring him into bed with us. I say desperate because, a toddler moves in their sleep the way they do awake: NON STOP. Kiddo might sleep, but you won’t. Plus, we’ve been mighty turned off of co-sleeping having heard one horror story after another about the six year old that refuses to sleep in their own bed. No thanks. But, sometimes when you’re holding a screaming toddler at 3 in the morning, you don’t do the most rational thing, just what seems the easiest in the short run.

Last night we found out that’s not working anymore either. I did the rocking-rubbing-sneaking combo three times, and he still woke up. I was determined not to bring him into bed, but then my husband and I lay awake in bed together in irritated silence and I was like, “okay, I’m bringing him in here.”


And, to top it all off, I get these developmental emails each month telling me what’s normal, what we should watch for, what kiddo should be able to do, etc. And it says this is all normal. NORMAL. And it can last for a whole year. YEAR.

I think it’s payback for all the times I bragged that Bowie slept through the night at 3 months.

Walking Skillz

Finally, at 14 months old, Bowie has decided that this whole walking thing may after all be a viable means of transportation. HE IS WALKING, PEOPLE.

So for all you other moms of 12 and 13 month olds whose kiddo’s peers are all walking around like nobody’s business while yours still crawls, two things: 1. I sympathize, it sucks. 2. I’m living proof that it’s normal to have a kid who refuses to walk until the very last second before the pediatrician is about to do every single (highly expensive) test on them to find the problem.

A friend of mine whose child began walking at 11 months was so smug and always telling me, “they all walk eventually”. Yeah, but yours is walking NOW. I want MINE to walk NOW. WHY won’t he WALK.

Well, anyway, the torturous waiting game is over. My kid is finally walking. Now I can commence complaining about how much trouble he gets into 😛