Glance Back at the Week

1. The new-ish bloggy thing seems to be writing a letter to your 18 year old self. What you’d say to her if you could. Your advice, your warnings. I’ve sat down to write this post more times than I can count. I end up writing long, silly, run-on paragraphs in which I detail my youthful hijinks and warn, “You’ll regret that.” Which I then realize is pointless to even mention, and I sit there all nostalgic and in the written form of tongue tied. What it really boils down to is this:

Dear 18 year old Beth:

You are beautiful. Take pride in your body, and your youth. The first time you see your post-baby body in a Target dressing room mirror, you will wonder why you ever hated your body so much. And for heaven’s sakes, slow down. There’s no reason to be in such a hurry to be an adult, trust.

And oh yeah, wear sunscreen.

Much love, 33 year old Beth

2. Voting is still open for the Circle of Moms’ Top 25 NorCal Moms contest! Please vote for me and for all of your NorCal favorites! I know you guys did this for me last year, and you rocked it! Not pushing it so hard this year, but it would be nice to end up on that list. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your support! Voting ends in one week, and you can vote once each day.

3. Preschool started back up this week! And I was SO nervous about Bowie’s first day back. Just, how he would adjust, if he would get overwhelmed and what might be done about his newly acquired swearing habit. But, I was assured by all teachers and one of the working parents that he had a fantastic day. And then I worried how he’d be yesterday, for my work day, because often if I’m there and things aren’t going his way, he takes it out on me. And there was a moment during opening circle time when things weren’t exactly happening the way he wanted, and he tried to bite me. But all in all, it was another amazing day. I’m cautiously optimistic that today will go well, and his first couple of days back will be incident-free. A luxury I have not had the pleasure of experiencing since February. And he swore yesterday, but it was directed at a swing, and not a person, which is a minor victory. And the school’s newest teacher just kept responding by putting different words into his sentences. Bowie: “You shit swing!” Teacher: “You silly swing, you’re not doing what Bowie wants!” Bowie: “Shit, I can’t get my foot out!” Teacher: “Ugh, I’m so frustrated that Bowie can’t get his foot out!” Awesome preschool teachers For. The. Win.

4. Sunday marks 37 weeks of pregnancy. As in full term. As in, you can make your grand entrance at any time, bubba. I’m getting invites to birthday parties and emails about preschool meetings for the first few weeks of September and I get so excited thinking, “Well, I could have my little guy before then.” In all reality, I’ll probably be sitting here, a week past my September 16 due date, feeling huge and sore and tired, just like I was with Bowie. And if walking endlessly around our hilly neighborhood, eating pineapple by the pound and drinking vats of raspberry leaf tea taught me anything, it’s that you can’t hurry a baby that’s happy inside mama. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m choosing to remain very optimistic. And when all is said and done, he WILL be here by the end of September, no matter what.

Loveliest of weekends to you all, and if you need me I’m somewhere in that thick blanket of fog covering the Bay Area. (Actually, as I type this, the sky is sort of…well, I don’t want to jinx it.)

Friday Post Which Needs a Better Name

1. It just dawned on me last week as I scrambled to put together a Friday post that it was likely not a very good plan to institute a weekly post regimen right before giving birth. So, this tradition may disappear as quickly as it began. We shall see.

2. As the baby gets bigger and moves lower, it’s getting really painful to stand and walk. So you know, nothing important or anything. One trip to a store is like 3 or 4 trips to the bathroom. Annoying.

3. Thank you for the comments on here and on Twitter about the differences between children. I am not freaking out that much anymore about figuring out a new kid all over again. I did it once, I can do it again. And this time I have most of the basics under my belt to rely upon.

4. The swearing has improved. A little. But it’s still happening. And he’s also added “stupid” and “shut up” to his regular rotation. Which, while not those evil swear words society has deemed unacceptable, they still aren’t great things to be throwing around at preschool. And now, I have a new issue: he likes to lie and say he heard me say a certain word (which 99% of the time is really a lie, I’ve been on my best behavior). So, what do I do with that? He doesn’t quite get the concept of lying, so saying, “Stop lying!” does nothing but make him crack up.

5. Preschool starts back up on Wednesday. All at once too soon (because this reminds me I need to start shopping around for a KINDERGARTEN, my GOD) and not soon enough. I need a break. And a solo trip to Target.

6. Nesting, nesting, NESTING! I never went through this when I was pregnant with Bowie. I am crazy. I reorganized my tampons, people. Officially Sunday, I am 36 weeks pregnant, leaving just 4 short weeks until my due date. And yesterday I had a small moment of panic thinking of how soon this could happen if he came a little early (hey, a girl can dream). Could be as early as 2 weeks, right? So I flipped out a little and organized and reorganized everything. Washed all the baby’s clothes, ordered the final needs from Amazon. Then spent the late afternoon in a near-coma on the couch.

7. I have been nominated again by Circle of Moms for a blog award, this time Top 25 NorCal Moms 2012. If you have a spare moment, go here and vote for Very Bloggy. And your other NorCal favorites too, of course. You can vote once per day, and there’s 2 weeks left to vote. Thank you all for your support, with this and everything else!

8. This picture is actually already as old as last weekend, but it’s so cute, I think I might get arrested if I don’t post it on my blog. He fell off his bike going “down the big huge hill that goes under the cool bridge”. Biggest ouchie he’s had to date, I think.

Friday Digest 3

1. NESTING has kicked in, full gear. Tossing out old stuff, scrubbing walls, cleaning out the fridge, folding and refolding all the baby clothes. And fighting the urge to buy everything we need from the registry for just a few more weeks.

2. I only gained a half pound since my last OB visit two weeks ago. That makes a grand total of about 11 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby! It’s been a very eye-opening experience being on this low-carb diet, having to read labels and control portions and monitor how it all affects my body. They seem mildly concerned that I’m not gaining weight in the exponential numbers I was during my first pregnancy, but the baby is active (understatement) and I’m measuring exactly where I should be. So, I’m fine with it.

3. To give you all a glimpse of life with a really picky eater, a story. Mere moments after I posted Wednesday about the Pasta Salad’s Feet You Should Kiss if Pasta Had Feet, Bowie announced that “I don’t like spinach or slimeys (salami) anymore and I don’t want this supper.” Ugh. We dealt with it and he ate (most of) it. But still. The picky eating. Ugh.

4. My Old Man Kitty turned 19 years young this week. Coupla bum kidneys and a touch of senility, but he’s hanging in there. He got to hang out in the backyard and have some treats that Bowie picked out at the pet store. A good 19th kitty birthday, in my opinion.

Have a great weekend, catch you on the flip side.

Friday Digest 2

1. So, August. It took forever to get here, but now it’s finally here. This is the last full calendar month I will be pregnant. I mean, even if The Littlest Dude is late, he’ll still be born before the end of September. And if he’s early? He could be born at the end of THIS MONTH. Ecstatic=the only word for how that makes me feel. Here’s some perspective for you: I’ve been pregnant for all of 2012. Yep. Found out right after New Year’s. Think about that for a sec. About ready for this to be over, and the next phase of my life to start. Even though it’s going to be a little bit crazy for a while.

2. After our horrid park experience at the beginning of this week (see last post), we had an amazing experience yesterday. Within minutes of us arriving, Bowie had a small (and I mean small) run-in with another boy around his age, and came up to me and deemed the other kid “mean and stupid.” My heartbeat sped up and I thought, “Here we go again.” And I prepared myself for another embarrassing exit. But, but, but…a few minutes later Bowie was playing alone and the other kid walked up again and pointed out some bird poop. Which they both found completely hilarious. And the other kid says, “Hey, let’s go slide!” Bowie says enthusiastically, “Ok!” And off they went. They went up and down the slide for a solid hour after that, and when I told Bowie it was time to leave, he said, “Not until I’m done sliding with my friend!” This for him was an amazing experience, I’m sure. Especially given that he’d gotten a bad impression of the other boy at first, but was able to overcome that. And given that a couple of times they disagreed on the rules of their sliding game, and they accidentally crashed into each other, and Bowie did fine. In the past, that would have set him off. I can envision him having a great final year at preschool. Which, let me tell you, was NOT what I was thinking just three months ago.

3. Speaking of preschool: 19 days until we’re back. 19 days. 19 days. 19 days.

4. Ran across this quote on Pinterest today: “If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.” Which piqued my curiosity. Not exactly a year ago today, but a year ago Sunday, I was having this conversation. So I have a safe assumption of what was on my mind. And I’m still healing today, but I’m so happy to have come as far as I have, and I’m so, so, so excited for our future, which I surely was not last August.

5. Holla at your girl for being featured on ChatterBlockSF on their list of Best Parenting Blogs in the Bay Area. As always, an honor. Still in complete denial of how many people actually end up here, and actually take a minute to read something. Amazing feeling, and means so much. Thanks to all my readers. And to be included with some of my own favorites (like Using Our Words and Rookie Moms) is so amazing.

And I leave you with probably the cutest dog video I’ve ever seen.


Friday Digest

These quickie lists have become sort of my thang for Fridays. I have to come up with some clever title/category for them. Ideas?

1. I’m excited to get caught up in fashion when I’m out of maternity wear. For one thing, I’m very optimistic about my post-baby weight loss. Being on the diabetic diet has helped me stay at a nice, healthy pregnancy weight, and while baby continues to grow, my weight dropped a little, and is now hovering in the area of 160, just 10 measly pounds over where I was before I got pregnant. The OB wasn’t all too happy about my weight at my checkup, but as long as the little man’s doing fine, I’m not going to change my routine. I can’t really do anything differently anyway, I’m not eating any less, just less of the stuff they TOLD me to eat less of! Ok, and also, I spent the year before I got pregnant either thinking I’d be pregnant or feeling pretty depressed, and deciding what to wear everyday was such an afterthought. One of the three pairs of jeans that fit me, a plain t-shirt, a plain sweatshirt, and my Sauconys. Every day. So, I’m excited to break that mold. Experiment with color. Get exciting. And since nothing I owned before will fit me anyway: SHOPPING! I won’t be able to go crazy or anything but, SHOPPING!

2. Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary (holla!). Since both of our babysitters recently relocated, and because we’re not super on the ball about making plans ahead of time, we pretty well resigned ourselves to the fact that Bowie would be accompanying us if we decided to go out to dinner. We made reservations at a semi-fancy place, and prepared Bowie for it in the morning. “We’re going to have dinner at a fancy restaurant because today is the day mommy and daddy got married. It’s our ann-i-ver-sary.” He was very excited and chatty about it all the way to school that morning. And, our usual routine at school is to grab a book and get cozy and read it until it’s time to sign in and sing welcome songs. When we got to school he made a mad dash for a “special book”, searching the many bookshelves that dot the whole building, finally finding the book he wanted. It was Froggy Eats Out, which is not only about a little froggy who goes out to eat at a fancy restaurant, but it’s also this froggy’s parents’ anniversary. What?! My kid is so smart and cute, you guys. And he was a (mostly) perfect little angel, and we all had a great dinner. He “dressed up” in his favorite shirt from Hawaii and he even got his own glass tumbler of juice, which was just a little bit too cute. Exhibit A:

3. I’m starting to have those “what was I thinking?!” moments of pregnancy, thinking about the near future. Not in any way like I wish I weren’t pregnant or anything like that, but just, you know, what was I thinking?! I remember having those thoughts with Bowie too. What have I done to our marriage? What have I done to the pets? Will life ever be as simple and carefree as before? (Hints: Improved it. Nothing. No, but you won’t care.) I know it’s just regular old cold feet, but I need those thoughts to just skee-daddle already, I don’t need any extra anxiety right now. No, I really don’t.

4. Today was Bowie’s final therapy session. We might do what the therapist called a “refresher” right after school starts, but he’s pretty well done. It seems like it went so fast, but then I remember we started this whole process back in April. Well, late February if you want to count the first time we met with the teachers about it. Of course he still has his moments, but there have been improvements by leaps and bounds. Today at school, I got to witness him enter into a sensitive situation (another kid got too close for Bowie’s comfort) and raise his hand to act out violently, and then change his mind and not follow through. One of the biggest exhales of my life. His newest challenge is allowing the adults to deal with a peer who is not following the rules. He’s been extremely sensitive to it lately, and the therapist says it’s just because he’s aware now that he’s trying so hard to stay in line, and he doesn’t get why everyone else can’t do that too. Makes sense. But still, another hurdle to overcome.

5. Today was the last day of summer school. Regular school starts back up again August 22. I am 33 weeks pregnant and will be alone with a 4 year old for the next 3 1/2 weeks. Deep breaths, deep breaths.

Have a fantastic weekend!