Beth’s Picks: Mimi The Sardine Lunchbugs

I did more shopping around for Bowie’s lunch box than I did when we were buying our car. I just had a very clear picture of what I wanted, and it had to meet a few requirements:

It had to be eco-friendly, because…well, it just had to, okay?

It had to be affordable, because we are a family on a budget.

It had to be durable, because I am generally not easy on my stuff.

It had to fit in my purse or the diaper bag, because the whole point was eating on the go.

It had to be able to house a whole bunch of food, because Bowie’s tastes change daily.

At first I resisted the Mimi the Sardine Lunchbug because every single other kid in our neighborhood had one. I was hoping for something that would stick out in the crowd, for school purposes down the line. But, the more hunting and shopping and researching that I did, I figured out that every other parent was buying these bags because it turns out, they really are a great product.

The Lunchbug met every single one of my criteria, and was cute to boot. You can also so easily clean it by just tossing it in with the laundry, and it really doesn’t get much easier than that. I hadn’t thought about ease of cleaning as a requirement, but that is an important one too, am I right?

We happen to have the Hybrid Cars print, because the kiddo is wild about anything with wheels. But, this was a tough choice, because I thought the Propeller, Stripes, Bugs and Jungle prints were also completely adorable.

This bag has turned out to be an invaluable product for me, and I give a big recommendation for any busy mama who packs lunches.