Meet Beth

I am a 30-something mama living in Tucson with my young sons Bowie and Ferris, my baby daughter Finley, and my husband Brien. I was transplanted from Wisconsin, by way of the Bay Area. I miss San Francisco terribly, and I think I sound like that “this one time, at band camp…” girl because I talk about it constantly. But, the move to Tucson was a very positive thing for our family, and we are enjoying it here.

I’m quite fond of Earl Grey tea, kitties, beach bonfires, sitcoms, sushi, David Sedaris and the Chicago Cubs. I’m learning to be fond of camping. I’m less than fond of onions, snow, telemarketers, SUVs and San Francisco housing prices.

I blog mostly about parenthood, green living, urban life, desert life, mental health, recovery, and food but I’ll really blog about anything that catches my fancy. You know, stuff that’s bloggy. So, welcome, pour yourself a cup of tea and hang out for a while.


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  1. Hi Beth. Lovely pic. Im guessing your lil one is tucked away safe inside you. Love reading your blogs. Annmarie

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