Meet Beth

I am a 30-something mama living in San Francisco with my young sons Bowie and Ferris, and my husband Brien. I was transplanted to the West Coast from Wisconsin, where I did most of my growing up (we moved around a lot when I was in grade school, but that’s a story for another time). I am completely in love with California and invite you all to visit if you haven’t yet.

I’m quite fond of Earl Grey tea, kitties, beach bonfires, sitcoms, sushi, David Sedaris and the Chicago Cubs. I’m less than fond of onions, snow, telemarketers, SUVs and San Francisco housing prices.

I blog mostly about parenthood, green living, urban life and food but I’ll really blog about anything that catches my fancy. You know, stuff that’s bloggy. So, welcome, pour yourself a cup of tea and hang out for a while.

Fun fact: BOTH of my kiddos are actually in this picture!

2 comments on “Meet Beth

  1. Hi Beth. Lovely pic. Im guessing your lil one is tucked away safe inside you. Love reading your blogs. Annmarie

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