10 Randoms

Because I’m too scatterbrained at the moment to pull together one complete post. And these also happen to be put together in a free association kind of way, no logical order. Enjoy.

1. Don’t forget, if you make and sell goods, then you can be featured on the SocialMoms Facebook page. Just email me a link for your store or product, and I’ll check it out! You get a full week with your product featured on the Shop tab. It’s great exposure! (Pssst…I am the moderator for the Shop page, so it’s kind of a done deal if you contact me, FYI.)

2. I need to hear from people who had a three year old that wasn’t potty trained yet. Just for my sanity. Because there’s only a tiny shred left. If I have to mop up one more pee puddle…  So, THIS is why God invented wine.

3. I kind of feel like I could be having PMS. Which would mean, period imminent. Which is great news, since I’m probably the most anxious-to-be-pregnant-again woman in the history of time. Wish us luck as we embark on this scary, exciting roller coaster ride.

4. I am over the moon that Jane Pratt is back in the saddle. Were you a fan of the magazine? Then check out her new site: http://www.xojane.com/.

5. Summer in San Francisco is cloudy, foggy and grey. It’s already mid-May, and we’re still having rainy days. I think our winter and our summer are going to blend together into one depressing, sunless season, completely bypassing spring. Though, at least we aren’t getting snow. Or floating away down the Mississippi river.

6. The preschool, God love ’em, is having literally their third bake sale SO FAR THIS MONTH this coming Saturday. I’m baked out, people! I didn’t even like it that much anyway, now I loathe it. At least I’m getting better at it, I suppose. And the school year is over in T-minus 17 days.

7. Speaking of baking, I had some zucchini sitting in my fridge, a recent impulse buy from our delivery service, and it was starting to turn. I have never successfully made a loaf of good zucchini bread, so CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I made this recipe from the always lovely Smitten Kitchen, and it was pretty good. That one, I kept for us. The school got my mediocre carrot muffins.

8. Bowie is obsessed with Cars. And when I say obsessed, I mean OBSESSED. But, the resourceful little ball of adorableness doesn’t have an actual Lighting McQueen to play with, so he carries around any red Matchbox race car he can. And, he has dubbed some of his other Matchbox cars to be other characters in the movie. It’s amazing, his ingenuity. If only we could keep that kind of simplistic satisfaction as adults.

9. Can we take a minute to talk about the latest news with Arnie? It’s funny, I think when the news of his “secret baby” broke, everyone in California went, “Oh yeah, well that’s Arnie.” The rest of the world is shocked. His disappointed constituents? Well, we feel like we should have known it all along.

10. I’d love to tell you the miscarriage was a distant memory, but it’s not. I know I just wrote about how awesome I was feeling, but right after I published that post, I had a string of terrible days. I float back and forth between hope and despair, sometimes within a range of five minutes. People keep telling me that one of these days, the bad days will be fewer and farther between. We’ll get there.

8 comments on “10 Randoms

  1. You had me at “random.” I love posts like this. 🙂 My neighbor’s 3 1/2-y.o. is nowhere near potty trained. She’s having a hell of a time with him. He just doesn’t seem to care. Just remind yourself, he won’t go off to college wearing diapers! God willing. And yes, 3 bake sales in one month seems excessive. I just got the zucchini-bread baking bug, too! It’s the only way to get my 2yo to eat something green.

    1. Yes, that’s the thing, he doesn’t care! And he used to want to sit on the potty and try to go, but now he treats sitting on the potty like a punishment, so I have to BRIBE BRIBE BRIBE every 30 to 60 minutes, just to try to get him to go, hoping that at some point it sticks. GAAAAH.

  2. I love random list posts as well. I think I’ll draw upon this for inspiration this week, because it’s definitely a random week.

    Tell me more about zucchini bread. Does it taste zucchini-y?

    1. It’s delicious! And a great way to get greens into kiddos. It tastes more like a banana bread or pumpkin bread, seasoning-wise, but has bits of zucchini that get soft and absorb the sweetness of the bread. One of my favorite desserts. And I like the Smitten Kitchen recipe because it didn’t call for very much sugar. I made a Paula Deen version once that called for 3 CUPS. That’s when the health benefits for kiddo are kind of eclipsed 🙂

  3. 1. I am totally going to steal your shit. I too am too scatterbrained to compile a cohesive blog post, so a list of random stuff I’ve been thinking about might appear on my blog soon as well.

    2. I can’t help you with the potty training situation. My Monkey potty trained herself at 18-months and even though there were accidents after that, they were few and far between. But hey, any chance to brag about it…and you know I totally just screwed myself for when my little guy is ready.

    3. Hooray for PMS! I know it sucks, but it also means that your body is getting back to normal. Now go hump your husband.

    4. I heart Jane Pratt.

    5. The weather in Denver totally sucks right now. Grey, cloudy, raining and COLD. Good thing I’m going to the Bahamas in a week.

    6. Arnie. I’m a little shocked, but I don’t pay much attention to that kind of stuff anyway, especially in a state that I don’t live in. Hmmm.

    7. Give yourself a break. Seriously. Mourning a loss (any loss) takes time. And you will have good days and bad days and there is no order to them at all. I’ve never personally experienced this, so I don’t have any good advice and cannot imagine what emotions you’re feeling, but from Colorado, you are doing amazingly well.

    Love to you.

  4. Bowie, for your birthday I am going to send you a lightning McQueen. Taren has collected over 65!!!!! of these over the years. I am sure more to come with the new movie.

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