Coming Soon: Wankel Baby Part Deux, the Sequel

That’s right folks, we’ve taken another plunge into the deep, dark waters of parenting and we done made another one. I’m 7 weeks along as of yesterday.*

This time around it was especially difficult to keep quiet for so many weeks. I’m online a LOT more than before, what with my blog and my Twitter account and all. I wanted so badly to complain to the blogosphere about my “afternoon sickness” and my near-immediate baby bump and my frequent potty visits and my bone-crushing fatigue that hit right when kiddo was on Spring Break from preschool. I even wrote this post like 3 weeks ago, just to get the whole thing off my mind. But sadly that didn’t work. It just sat there in my Drafts folder, mocking me.

We also found out the day before the earthquake/tsunami/radioactive leak in Japan. Nothing like finding out you’re bringing another person into this world and then witnessing a gigantic natural disaster. Egads. I wanted to talk to all of you about that so badly. Like, “What was I thinking, bloggy friends?!”

And you all would have told me I was thinking that babies are fun, and I always wanted Bowie to have a sibling, and the timing is right in a lot of other ways, and if the world does end in the near future, I will have another living soul by my side that loves me (never a bad thing).

There, I just told it all to myself. Guess I don’t need you after all! (Just kidding, of course I do.)

So, AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH. That is my huge sigh of relief for finally feeling comfortable spilling the baby beans. And YESSSSSS! That is my celebration for a whole new bucket of blog fodder to work with. It’s been kind of a dry spell lately.

Guess I better change this category from “The Kiddo” to “The Kiddos”, huh? (OMG WE’RE GOING TO HAVE TWO CHILDREN.)

*Didn’t plan on letting it all spill so early, totally waited until 12 weeks with Bowie. But a few people guessed immediately, and after that I just couldn’t keep my mouth shut about it, so here we are. I’m confident things are fine, and if something tragic did happen, at least I’d have everyone to help me through it.

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  1. Congrats! I’m impressed you waited this long- I was horrible at waiting to tell and that was before I was online as much as I am now!

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