Preschool Petri Dish

We were warned about preschool. About how a preschool (or any school or daycare, for that matter) can bring down even the healthiest of children (which I thought my little bug was) on a weekly basis. I shrugged it off. My kiddo is uber-healthy! Won’t happen to us!

I never made a single sick visit to our pediatrician, save for the sprained ankle and the Diaper Rash From Hell, until a month ago. Not that he never got sick, he did have a couple of minor colds. Just nothing doctor-worthy.

Then, we started preschool last December. And we all got a cold. (The unspoken part of this warning that failed to occur to me is that, when kiddo gets sick, the whole family gets sick.) Then the holidays came and went, and we spent our New Year’s Day nursing cold #2. A month later, we are all sick again, this time kiddo gets his first ear infection. And now, another month later, we’re all sick again, and he’s got a double ear infection.

So basically we’ve been sick all year.

Here’s to Spring, opening up the windows to air out the house, sending those germs packing. I’m so tired of being sick. I guess I can be grateful for all of our healthy years. But seriously, TIRED of the SICK.

2 comments on “Preschool Petri Dish

  1. Oh dollface, IKNOWRIGHT?? It will get better, and you will all grow more immune eventually, but it sucks balls when the holidays go out the window, and does nothing for a Small Person’s otherwise-happy demeanour when they’re feeling less than 100% all the time. (Mums tend to feel cranky too…) Oy. Hang in there, kitten – spring is nigh… xox (from afar, and with Purell)

  2. I know how you feel. I always dreaded the “hospital colds” Not the kill u right off stuff, just the chronic colds Al would bring home from work after looking at sick people all day.. Just because he was resistent , for some reason one of us would not be and eventually we would all suffer. I used to wonder if I made him take his scrubs off outside and change into clean clothes if it would help. Spring will certainly help with the windows wide open and the sun to kill off most of the gunk. Hang in there!

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