The Pink Stuff

Perhaps a young child being on antibiotics during cold and flu season isn’t exactly newsworthy, but this is the very! first! time! Bowie has ever gotten a prescription, so I was feeling a little…bloggy.

Bowie has been sick off and on since New Year’s Eve, and it all came to a very dramatic head in the past few days, with a 102 fever and coughs so violent that he threw up a little bit. So, we had to get in to see the pediatrician. And I haven’t had to call for a sick appointment, only regular check ups. So, when I talked to the doctor, and she heard his symptoms and asked a little sternly, “You can’t get him in this afternoon?!”, I was a little worried.

Plus, the whole preschool has been sick this week, all the parents frantically asking if other parents can cover their shifts. I went in and worked my shift yesterday without Bowie, just because I knew it was unlikely anyone could cover for us. And all the moms that did manage to make it yesterday were talking about how their kids had just gotten over such ailments as pneumonia, bronchitis, RSV, you name it. GASP.

Thankfully, Bowie’s chest congestion was deemed “mild” by the doc, likely leftover from the first cold at the beginning of the month. And she informed me that the other symptoms were all probably from the raging ear infection in his left ear.

I’m thinking, an ear infection? That’s IT? I have to keep reminding myself that an ear infection is still kind of a big deal, still needs the pink antibiotics, especially since we’re set to board an airplane in two weeks. And also, my brother and my husband have childhood tales of bad ear infections and tubes and hearing loss. So. Still important.

But THANK GOODNESS for dodged bullets. Gotta keep my little man hydrated, well-rested and full of vitamin C. And the pink stuff.

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