Yes, we let him.

Funny thing happened at preschool today. Funny in that I feel like a moron.

We were singing this fun song at music time: “Wake me, shake me, don’t let me sleep too long. In the morning I …. ” and then the teacher calls on a child and they fill in the blank. I eat breakfast. I put on clothes. I brush my teeth. I say good-bye to my dad. Whatever.

Teacher calls on Bowie. Who is 2 1/2 and off in his own entire universe when this is happening. Teacher says, “What does Bowie do in the morning, mom?”

I say, “Uuuuuuuummmmmmmmmm he watches Curious George.”

The pause in the room was palpable. I mean, GOD LOVE ‘EM but most San Francisco parents are not hip to the half hour of peace you can get from plopping your kiddo in front of a nice television program. (Or, at least they’d never admit to it in the very public manner that I chose.)

The song went on as normal, but LORD, the PAUSE.

I’m here today to admit, yes, I let my son watch television.

At least I said Curious George, he’s on PBS. I could have said Fresh Beat Band or something AMIRITE.

4 comments on “Yes, we let him.

  1. Somehow the World keeps turning even when you let your kids watch TV for 1/2 hour so you can get a few minutes of where you are not distracted by a two year old. All about balance. He wasn’t watching Sex and the City for goodness sake!

  2. Oh man… Sadie watches TV probably more than I should admit. But like you, I justify it by saying “But it’s PBS”. Let’s not even talk about how many DVDs she has in her movie library! 😉

  3. Tee hee, I’m looking into a preschool for my baby (just looking she’s way too young) but the local Waldorf pre-k practically won’t admit her if I have ever let her watch TV, they probably count the time she spent in utero too…I’m screwed

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