Quiet Chaos

It’s been quiet on here lately, I know. Sorry about that. It’s certainly NOT for lack of exciting/stressful/scary goings-on in our life right now, we’ve got QUITE an abundance of that THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

Just…nothing I can write about on here. I have limits. Most of my readers know me and/or my family members and friends personally, so I really have to zip it when it comes to some stuff to avoid hurt feelings. Pretty sure even if I tried to “protect the innocent”, people would figure it out. And, it has the potential to come across as gossip, which I hate.

Anyway, I’m still here, sorting it out. Trying to think of funny, exciting, safe blog topics to take on.

What can I tell you? Some shorts:

1. Kiddo is LOVING preschool. LOVING it. And I have become part of one of the most amazing groups of people I could ever hope to. We’ve only been a part of the community for about 6 weeks now, but people have been so welcoming and supportive, it’s amazing. If any of you have stumbled upon my blog, thank you so much.

2. Spent an amazing evening with playgroup friends last night. We didn’t get together much over the holidays and I forgot how much I love our rag tag group of misfits we call a “mom’s group”. I hope we never lose touch, and I hope our kids know each other into adulthood.

3. We put kiddo on a juice detox. He was just drinking way too much of the stuff. We had tried this once before and CAVED miserably after 2 days. This time around, those same 2 days were pretty rough, and I was leaving him in the bath extra long so he’d drink some of the water, I was so worried about him getting too dehydrated. But yesterday, day 3, he saw all of his playgroup buddies drinking water, asked me for some, and promptly downed 2 full cups. And then peed his pants ahem.

4. Go Bears. That is all.

2 comments on “Quiet Chaos

  1. I hear you on having to stay mum on some things… makes it feel like there’s nothing else to talk about in the meantime. My husband has a “professional” (read: conservative) job, and his boss even reads my blog sometimes… I get it. And then there’s family. And then there are the friends… but it’s nice to read your mind, whenever you’re able to jot out your stuff, lady!

  2. I understand what you mean about keeping mum, too. ALL of my family reads my blog, so I keep it pretty benign when it comes to drama. That and honestly? I don’t know that I would want written documentation of all the crap that goes on with my family anyway. 😉 And the juice detox? Totally “get” that, too. We had to put our boys on a poptart detox program recently. They didn’t know when to quit and I kept finding multiple poptart wrappers all over the kitchen table each morning, which was evidence that they were eating MORE than one package of poptarts at a sitting. No WONDER my little guy was pinging at school!! Needless to say, no more poptarts in the house unless we have family with kids coming for a visit. Their teachers have been thanking us. 😉

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