I didn’t really take the whole New Year’s resolution thing seriously this year, and now I’m reading all these posts about them and feeling guilty. So, here you go. A peer-pressure inspired list of my resolutions for 2011.

1. Stop drinking bottled water. We hardly ever did anyway, because of the waste factor, but last night we watched this documentary, and I’m too afraid and too disgusted and too pissed off to ever touch another bottle of water.

2. Take more pictures. I have this kickin’ rad camera, and a son who lives thousands of miles from his grandparents, and yet I take so few pictures. I try, I really do. I’ve just never been a picture taker. I strive to become one.

3. Eat better. Generally, I do okay. But I indulge quite often in food I probably should not indulge in. I’m known for my penchant for fast food, but there’s also soda and candy and cheese and butter and…well, you get the idea. NOT a diet. Just, eating right. All the time. Most of the time.

4. To go with that, exercise. My knee sucks and my foot sucks, but most of the time I can power through. Our fancy new treadmill will help me a lot, because I’m also hung up on people watching me run or work out (don’t ask me why, there is no logical reason). So, I can get a decent workout, in the privacy of my own home, every day. I resolve to do just that.

5. Do more reading, writing, crafting, blogging, etc. I’m going to have a lot more free time this year than I have for a long time, and I should use it wisely.

What are your resolutions? What resolutions do you suggest for me? Haha.

3 comments on “Resolutions

  1. I think I hate resolutions. I don’t usually make them. That said, your resolutions look good and fully support more picture taking. 🙂

    Here’s what I realized I have inadvertently resolved to do in 2011. Stop beating myself up for not doing more. I mean, logically, I understand that raising a baby IS doing a lot (feeding, changing, entertaining, making sure he rests, etc.) and house stuff is non-negligible (meal planning, cooking, tidying, laundry, dishes). But, there’s always a long list of other stuff that I want to get done. Even a to do list of 3-5 other things leaves me feeling like a loser if I only cross off 1 or 2 (or heck, not all) of my things. SO, my new system (started just before January 1) is to have “One Thing” to do each day. Certainly I do more than that. Often I get enough done that it could have been a list of things, but there’s one thing that I’m measuring myself against. For example, January 2 was my “Get a New Carseat” day. Got it done. Felt great about that. And everything else I did that day (beyond normal, daily baby and house things) was just gravy. 🙂

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