Farewell Old Friends

The year is almost over. The decade is almost over. Decade endings are very big for me. I’m very reflective at the end of a measurable amount of time. And because I was born in a 9 year (1979), the same year a decade ends is a year in which I turn a new decade older. For instance, this year I turned 40.

It was a big decade for me also. A decade full of ups and downs, twists and turns, things happening that I could never have imagined. Some highlights: I had a miscarriage. I had cancer. I had to put down four pets, and one ran away. I acquired three additional pets. I went from being a mom of 1 to a mom of 3. I was on Good Morning America. I crossed the invisible line into alcoholism. I went to rehabTwice. I started taking anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. I had two more foot surgeries. I went to France. I moved to Tucson.

These are just the bullet points. This does not account for all the kids’ illnesses, piano recitals, first days and last days of school, the few jobs I took, swimming lessons, road trips, birthday parties, weddings, funerals, and every little thing in between. How I survived 2013 by itself is still a mystery to me.

It occurred to me recently that this might be the perfect time to wrap up my time on Very Bloggy. I was reminded how private of a person I really am. Social media made me forget all of that. But really, I prefer things quiet. My trials fairly unknown. And I have not had the guts to share much on here lately anyway.

I feel like the blog has run its course. I began writing as a shiny new mom, when Bowie was just a baby. I shared my insights, but I’d have many more as my years of mothering went on. I shared my questions, only to be able to go back and answer them for myself. It was nice to have an online community to hold hands with through those difficult times of sleepless newborn nights, and endless toddler tantrums. Through special needs, new beginnings, milestones. This year I sent him off to middle school, and it’s time to pass the torch.

It’s unlikely that I won’t begin writing somewhere else. Writing is what I do. It’s my only real craft. My one marketable skill. And I can’t ever stop. I’ll be sure to spread the word. But for now, farewell. It’s been amazing.

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