For the past few years, in my mom’s family, in lieu of giving each other gifts, we adopt a family and chip in to fulfill their wish list. It’s something I’m more and more glad that we do each year, and it has been so amazing.

For starters, it saves us some of the hustle and bustle that can come with this time of year. We focus less on buying gifts and more on getting a family things that it needs.  We can bring our attention back to the season, and it’s meanings and traditions. Society has become so commercialized, and it’s so easy to get caught up in all of the holiday madness. This takes so much of the pressure off of us.

And secondly, it puts things in perspective. My husband and I have had to live a bit, well, meagerly for a few years now, but we’re certainly not a family in need. That’s totally different. These families often ask for things like towels, sheets, diapers, coats, boots, things that we take for granted. The families all have young children, and sometimes just one parent. It makes me value the things that we have, it makes me want to consume less, and it makes me happy that I have enough that I can give what little we have to a family that needs it more than we do.

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