Maybe TMI if you’re a boy.

Pill update: Took the last pill just over a week ago. The first couple of days, I felt AMAZING. No more nausea, lowered appetite and no mid-afternoon fatigue slump. Of course, I did get my period, because my body just assumed it was time. And that was rough. Heavier than normal, lots of cramping, and all those bothersome pill symptoms were back with a vengeance.

So, now that all of that is over with, I’m hoping I have more of those fantastic days where I’m feeling like a human being again. Hoping for the best, and still thinking I made the right choice.

Just keeping everyone updated, in case someone out there is also considering quitting hormonal birth control. It might be worth it for you too! And don’t be scared and suffer for a year and a half like I did.

Peace out. Have a great week everyone!

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