NOT the Way to Win a Mom Over

Yesterday, we had a notice in the mailbox that Bowie had a piece of certified mail waiting for him at the post office. I was all ????????? How can a two year old have certified mail? Is he getting sued for hitting that kid with a stick last week? It’s a mail bomb, surely it’s a mail bomb.

But, it was a letter from Sutter Health informing us that a vaccine that he had received in 2010 (no specifics, just “a vaccine” ugh) “may not have been stored at the correct temperature, so the vaccine may not have protected your child as intended”.

So THEN, I’m thinking about the mega problem California is having right now with a whooping cough outbreak, and I’m all OMG he has whooping cough now and we’re all going to diiiiiiieeeeee!

I called the hotline to figure out what was up. The woman told me he would need to get all of the vaccines again that he had gotten in 2010. My heart started pounding in my ears. I mean, kids get a LOT of shots in those first few years, and it seemed like he had gotten so many, this was going to be a nightmare, even if we didn’t have to pay for the re-vaccinations.

But, I pulled out his vaccination record, and it turns out the only ones he had in 2010 were a Hepatitis A booster and the flu shot. WHEW.

But still. My poor son has to go get his Hepatitis A shot again because the clinic didn’t have their fridge at the right temperature? Seems unfair, and I am so glad he won’t remember any of this. We go tonight at 5 to get the shot, hopefully he gets a lollipop or something. I am one ticked off mama bear.

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