Beth’s Picks: A Fashionable Teether

File this one under W for Why Didn’t We Think of This Before. It’s a really cute, stylish bracelet for mom, but wait folks, it’s also…a teether?! Yep! A safe and durable teether for your tot!

The genius behind this product is really just the fact that the baby is going to gnaw on whatever piece of jewelry you adorn yourself with, so why not let it be something that safe to chew, and that won’t get completely ruined if you’re not paying attention.

It cleans up easily too, with just soap and water. And, the company describes it as a “great nursing reminder”, which I’m not sure about. I never needed one, as I had a son who let me know every hour, on the hour, that he was ready for some meeeeeeelk!

A big strong recommendation to any fashionable mama with a teething bebe:

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