Seven Months

Ferris is seven months old today!

Just yesterday, he looked like this

And now, he is this

How and why does this first year all go SO SO fast? And somehow EVEN FASTER the second time around?

Dear Ferris,

No doctor visit this month to get your exact measurements, but judging by the lightning speed at which you grew into and then immediately grew out of all of your six month sized clothes, I’d say you’re still growing pretty quickly.

You are now a MAJOR fan of solid foods, pureed and otherwise. Your favorites include sweet potatoes, bananas, avocado and rice. Mama got an email from one of those baby web sites about your development that said you were ready for a sippy cup, so we went out and got you one, and you played with it for ten minutes and then you were over it. And not once did you lift it to your mouth in any way, which is odd because you put EVERYTHING in your mouth. Just not what’s supposed to go into your mouth. We’ll keep working on it.

You are basically crawling now. Not in a forward direction, but you get up on your knees, and scoot backwards and roll around until you get where you want. The crawling forward thing is going to happen any second, I’m sure. You’re already getting into everything at floor level. I felt like we wouldn’t really have a whole lot of baby-proofing to do, but you’re proving me more and more wrong every day.

You have two teeth! The two front bottom teeth have come in, and you wouldn’t let us forget it! You’ve been pretty grouchy, and hardly sleeping at all. I’m trying all the mama tricks in the book for a sad, teething baby, and really all that gives you relief is when the tooth makes its way all the way through the gum. I’m hoping that as time goes on, you’ll get better and coping with this. Because we’ve got 18 of these suckers left to get through, and I do want to sleep for a few hours in a row again. Just once even. Mama’s starting to get loopy during the day. And so much more absent minded than I have ever been in my life.

Today, on your seven month birthday, mama is making her television debut on Good Morning America. You and your brother were such good boys for me! I was a nervous wreck, but we made it through together. I hope you don’t grow up to resent mama for talking about you so much on the blog!

I love, love, love you to bits and pieces. And I wish I could keep you this age forever! But I know you’re going to grow and change and become a wonderful man someday. And that’s ok too.



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