This Just In

Random thoughts from my brain tonight:

1. Money sucks. Worrying about money sucks more.

2. I think the baby is sick again. I thought it was the same cold he’s had for a week, but today he seemed sicker, and I think he got sick again before he ever actually got well. See also: think he might be teething.

3. Make a list of things that bother you. About life on Earth in general. Now, cross off that list things that have never actually affected you on a personal level, double cross off things that are unlikely to ever affect you in the future. Then you’ll have your list of things you should *actually* care about and do something about.

4. I own exactly two t-shirts that fit me. And the weather’s starting to get nice here again. Where are the short sleeved shirts, retailers? WHERE ARE THEY?!

5. The kiddos at preschool sing this song every January, ALL January. And it’s a hell of an earworm. Now it will be in your head too. You’re welcome!


3 comments on “This Just In

  1. Yes, it is a good earworm. However, being a early childhood kinda gal, I like it. Too bad we are on P for Penguin this week. I will have to see what other amazingness this Laurie has. 🙂 Hope your little guy feels better. Shell Lake is sharing the amazing 5-8 day fever of at least 102-103 with a cough bad enough you are sure you are breaking ribs. Be glad you are miles from that. Take Care!

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