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When Bowie turned 4 months old, I started him on solid food mostly because I was an eager new mom, and was excited to start. I mean, he was nursing slightly more than the average kid, and he certainly met the weight criteria, but he was happily sleeping through the night, and he didn’t seem all that interested in food, and he was thriving, and I’m sure I could have held off until his 6 month birthday. But, I got the go-ahead from our pediatrician and I started him on cereals at 4 months anyway, and fruits and veggies shortly after. And he did great.

Ferris is much more eager to get started on solid foods, and he’s made that perfectly clear, even though he’s not officially 4 months old until next Thursday. But, like big brother, he’s at the right weight (double his birth weight) and he’s had basic head and neck strength since like, 6 weeks. (My guys like to look around and see the world, I guess.)

Unlike big brother, he’s eating A LOT more than the average kiddo, with up to 15 feedings per day (most articles recommend starting if the baby still seems hungry after 8 to 10 feedings). He’s also interested in what we’re eating. REALLY interested. Not only does he watch in fascination as we eat, and screech in protest when we don’t share, but around New Year’s, I was eating a clementine with him in my lap, and he grabbed himself a slice and started shoving it into his mouth! And to top it all off, I’m pretty sure he’s going to sprout a tooth any second. Dude is ready. 

So, I mentioned something on the old Twitters about how he was SO SO READY, and did I actually have to wait until he was fully 4 months old to start?

I got a few responses informing me that “the recommendation is actually 6 months.” Which yes, is the tail end of what most consider to be the recommendation of 4 to 6 months, as long as baby shows signs of readiness. In fact, one article I ran across recommended starting sometime before 6 months, because after 6 months, the texture might be a turn off for them, and you’ll have a harder time getting them to start. I’m not saying you need to start before then even if you and baby aren’t ready, but I just found that little bit of info interesting.

Ferris will start very soon. As soon as I get a second to grab a box of Earth’s Best from Target (I plan to make all of his food like I did for Bowie, including my own rice cereal, but before 6 months it’s recommended they start on iron-fortified cereal). I figure since you start out only feeding a tablespoon or two a day, it’s ok to start a week early.

I had big babies who like to eat. What else is a mama to do?

When did you start your babies on solids? What signs of readiness did they show?

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  1. For the twins, at their 4 month check up I was told I could start if I wanted for Liam, but Maggie wasn’t quite ready yet – but give it 2 weeks and then I could start her. I thought this was great, I could practice with one, and then start Maggie. Well, so the next day I started Liam…what a disaster. I”m not sure what I was expecting, but he acted like I was killing him with Rice! I was told to not give up, so I tried every day for 5 days straight, and ultimately gave up with him for the time being. At 5 months old my mom was over, and said she wanted to see what Liam did (I almost cried, as it was painful for me and him). So I put Liam in the highchair and started….same old same old – killing him. Then my mom suggested I try Maggie. I was like the Doctor said he was ready, so why in the world would I try Maggie, but whatever I already had one screaming kid – why not two? To my surprise – Maggie ate every bite and wanted more. She LOVED it and ate so well. So she started at 5 months, Liam really started at 6 months 😉

    Bottom line: Listen to all advise/guidelines – and then do what ever you want – it’s your kid and you have to deal with any consequences – not the advise givers!

  2. Taren was about a week shy of 4 months and Kaelin had rice cereal mixed w/ B. Milk in a bottle from one month due to her GERD. She needed something thicker and more solid to keep in her tummy. I got this speech. “the stomach is like a bottle without a lid, you put a liquid in and wiggle the baby the liquid will spill out, you put a thicker mixture in and wiggle the baby, it will stay in.” it worked, then from a spoon at about 4 months, but she would NOT eat cereal. No way.. I mixed with gerber bananas and she gobbled it up. She ate everything and was NOT picky. 🙂

  3. Ezra was a ginormous baby (nine pounds at birth) and just always seemed to eat a lot. We started him with cereal at four months and it went fine. I did a 50/50 mix of making some of his food at home and buying some of it from the store.

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