Lately, due to the heavy SAHM and mom blogger influence on my Twitter account, I have been feeling somewhat guilty for not doing more activities with Bowie. That’s a big, blanket word, activities. But what I mean is, stuff at home like craft projects and baking and planting seeds, that kind of stuff.

But, the thing is, whenever I go to do stuff like that with him, I realize he’s too young. Or is he? I mean, I’m not sure. Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough. We color pictures together and we search for flowers on walks together. But, baking? Using glue on something? I just think he’s too young! And last time I pulled out the Play-Doh–he feasted upon it. Really. He had pink poop.

Two questions: 1) When did you start doing fun little crafty/exploring activities with your kids? How old were they?  2) What were those projects? Are there good ones for a 2 1/2 year old that I’m forgetting?

Of course I want to have fun and make memories and be interactive with my kiddo while he’s still little. But, I’m out of ideas. And maybe I am just feeling pressure from the uber-involved online community members?

The comment on Twitter that prompted this post ended with the hashtag “family centered”. Which made me wonder, am I less family centered than this mother?

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  1. Your mom wasn’t Martha Stewart. Do you feel that your childhood was less because you and I didn’t do a lot of this together (I hope not)? Do you even remember when we did do it? Please relax. Your mother / son memories are going to be uniquely yours. And – you guys do a lot of outside activites together. You are a very good mom.

  2. I think Mom’s advice is the best advice!

    If you want to do things with him, do the little things. Cut paper. Glue paper on paper. Try watercolors. Dig. Splash around in the sink. Make a mud hole and let him get dirty. At two and a half there’s no doubt things get messy (and eaten). But just keep it simple and try to let the “parental peer pressure” wash over you. Do what feels right for the two of you together. That’s more than enough.

  3. I suffer from the same type of insecurities too. But I think the advice already given here rings true. Let’s not be so hard on ourselves! Motherhood has enough challenges…

  4. I’m so glad that your mom commented. She basically read my mind. I think we try too hard and put too much pressure on ourselves to do “creative” things with our kids. Arts and crafts are great, but if you ask my older kids what they remember/enjoy most about their younger years, they say things like “cooking together as a family”, not making snowflakes out of paper plates. And cooking is something me and my husband enjoy anyway, so we’re involving the kids, plus teaching them a valuable life skill.
    That being said, we do have our own “creative” traditions, such as carving pumpkins at Halloween and dyeing eggs at Easter. I know a lot of families do these activities too, but we try to put our own twist on them to make them “ours.”


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