Two Months

Ferris is officially two months old today!

Aside from the still-waking-up-three-times-a-night thing, two months is pretty fun. He’s getting chubby cheeks and chunky thighs, and he’s SMILING, oh does this kid SMILE! Exhibit A:

He’s also laughing? I think? Do they laugh at two months? In any case, it’s some very serious smiling. And the cooing. MY GOD, the cooing. I die.

He weighed in at the doc yesterday at a whopping 12 lbs. 12 oz. So, we’re already moving up to 3 month clothes and size 2 dipes.

He is still refusing the pacifier on most occasions. He typically only takes it for some calming action mid-day if we’re out and about. I have, however, had to train myself in the fine art of realizing when he’s gagging even if he’s in the Moby and I can’t see his face. Because he spit up approximately a gallon of milk all over himself and me and the floor of the elementary school library while we were on a Kindergarten tour, from gagging on the pacifier. But thankfully we were surrounded by other parents who, you know, get it. The soothie pacifier was suggested by someone. Also, rubbing it on myself? I suppose so it tastes like he’s nursing, but, weird. For now he’s just sucking on my finger if he needs something, and he’s still trying like hell to get his thumb in his mouth. Which I am still heavily discouraging, but if we end up with a thumb sucker, meh. Things could be worse.

From my side of things, I think I’ve finally hit my stride as a mama of two. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to Bowie’s neediness and regression (though our presence has been requested in the preschool director’s office on Monday, womp). He’s been such a handful, and I’m doing my absolute best, but newborns are pretty darn needy little things too, so things have not been going super awesomely well. I’ve just been trying to give in whenever I can. For example, he’s been wanting to make this “flying kitty” costume for days now, so yesterday I found a Michael’s gift card in my wallet and went crazy. We got stuff to make the flying kitty costume, but I got a ton of other stuff too, to keep him busy and to keep mama from flicking on the TV whenever she needs a moment of peace.

I find now that I am both busting out of my depression and getting enough sleep to function during the day that I am excited to do stuff too, like crafting, baking, reading, WRITING. I signed up for my girl Alice Bradley’s writing-prompt-a-day for December, and I plan to write my shrinking booty off. It’s been a long, long, LONG time, way too long, since I’ve worked on anything creative aside from the blog. But, don’t get my wrong, I love doing the blog. It’s just…I need to work those writing muscles more.

Ok, this post is supposed to be about Ferris, how did it become about Bowie and me?

So, anyway, he got his two month vaccinations yesterday, which were just as hard to take with the second baby as they were with the first. For some reason I thought it might get easier to watch Ferris get poked with needles, but turns out, NOPE. TOTALLY NOT. And guess what? While we were there, Bowie also got his flu shot, and that was GUT-WRENCHING as well. So, if you have two kids, you are not desensitized to the second one getting hurt, you have merely doubled your incredible sensitivity to watching your kid get hurt. You know, your heart walking around outside of your body and all of that.

I think Ferris may also have adopted a lovey already. I’ve been trying out some different toys lately, letting him practice his grip and feel the textures and all of that great developmental stuff. I had gotten one of these Taggies blankets in our Citrus Lane shipment one month when I was still pregnant, and I thought that might be interesting, because he’s always grabbing the edges of blankets and shirts and stuff. Turns out, he LOVES the thing, and it seems to help soothe him to sleep when he needs it. I am never without it, which I think means it’s officially moved into lovey territory.

All in all, like I said, two months is pretty fun. I’d say, “Let’s freeze time!”, but I would like to be sleeping through the night, and I would like Bowie’s behavior to get back up to snuff. We’ll see where we are next month. So, whoever’s working on that whole Keeping them Babies Forever project, if you could like, finish up with that, okay?

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  1. Pics are great. You are great. Everything you are going through – every mom goes through it. And, somehow you and the kids survive and they turn out okay. You’ll hit your stride again. Love you.

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