Post Partum Weight Loss

So, here’s the thing. Gestational diabetes may very well have been the best thing that ever could have happened to me. Allow me to explain.

Pre-pregnancy, I was tipping the scales around 155. At the time of my diagnosis, about 26 weeks pregnant or so, I weighed in at 160 pounds. I was put on the low-sugar low-carb diet to control my blood sugar. And, at my last doctor visit at 39 weeks 6 days, I weighed in at 163.

Yes, in the last four months of my pregnancy, I gained just 3 pounds. And during my entire pregnancy, I only gained 8 to 10 pounds. Which means, technically I was losing weight. The baby was growing and thriving, and my stomach got bigger and BIGGER, but my weight first dropped by a few pounds, then held steady for a few months and then went up a few pounds.

And now, three weeks post partum, I am 15 pounds and two full pant sizes smaller than I was before I even got pregnant. Which makes me feel…well, it’s indescribable.

Before I got pregnant, I was this hot mess of depression-fueled inactivity and emotional eating and drinking. I had ballooned up, and even though eventually I had starting feeling better, emotionally, it seemed like such an overwhelming task to try to lose any of that weight, so I just gave up before I had even started.

Now, I know I’m not totally off the hook here. If I were to return to that lifestyle, I’d gain all that weight back before I even knew what happened. But, here’s the thing: I feel so great now, having lost all the weight, that I think I can keep it up pretty easily. I can go for long walks (maybe even runs?), I can watch what I eat (I don’t even miss potato chips and French fries. Really, I don’t!) and I can maintain this body, and even improve upon it (losing another 10 pounds would put me at my ideal weight, and I could also use a bit of toning here and there.)

Being told left and right how I don’t look at all like I was pregnant just 4 weeks ago is a great motivator, but feeling great is the ultimate motivation. I want to keep feeling like this! I feel confident, I feel healthy, I feel good.

Of course, for now it does feel like a complete luxury to not have to pay attention to what I’m eating, and carefully keep track of my sugar and carbs, and test my blood sugar 4 times daily. So, I’ve been indulging a little, a beer here, half a candy bar there. But I am being a lot more mindful of what I eat than I was after having Bowie and so much more than when I was at the lowest point in my depression.

I have been given the gift of “magical” weight loss, and I don’t intend to squander it. It feels way too good.

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  1. I gained about 12 pounds with Kaelin, and lost a grand total of 35 before I went back to work 5 weeks later, it was freakin amazing. But as soon as I quit pumping altogether it came back with a vengance, especially since I had a desk job. I was at my all time low, feeling great, and “what, you just had a baby” at about 4-5 weeks postpartum.
    I just had this conversation w/ a friend earlier today. You know you have lost a lot of weight when you not only need a belt to keep your pants up but have had to buy 2 new sizes of underwear. LOL A belt won’t help there. 🙂 Congrats on the weight loss, and keep on nursing that extra 500 calories a day away. 🙂

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