38 Weeks

38 weeks 2 days as of today, and he’s still in there. I was thinking do I post a picture or not? I can’t possibly look that much different from the last picture.┬áBut um, HOLY WOW I AM SO MUCH BIGGER.

Click through to see the 36 week picture again, for a frame of reference.

Not much I can tell you that’s new, I’ve complained about it all so much before that I will spare you this week. I alternate about every 30 seconds between paralyzing anxiety about labor and delivery (and parenting two children at once), and wanting him to get out of mama’s belleh right nooooooowwww!

Any time now. Aaaaaaannnnnnnny time now.

P.S. I made the Circle of Moms list! Thanks so much for your votes!!!

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