Friday Digest 3

1. NESTING has kicked in, full gear. Tossing out old stuff, scrubbing walls, cleaning out the fridge, folding and refolding all the baby clothes. And fighting the urge to buy everything we need from the registry for just a few more weeks.

2. I only gained a half pound since my last OB visit two weeks ago. That makes a grand total of about 11 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight. Not too shabby! It’s been a very eye-opening experience being on this low-carb diet, having to read labels and control portions and monitor how it all affects my body. They seem mildly concerned that I’m not gaining weight in the exponential numbers I was during my first pregnancy, but the baby is active (understatement) and I’m measuring exactly where I should be. So, I’m fine with it.

3. To give you all a glimpse of life with a really picky eater, a story. Mere moments after I posted Wednesday about the Pasta Salad’s Feet You Should Kiss if Pasta Had Feet, Bowie announced that “I don’t like spinach or slimeys (salami) anymore and I don’t want this supper.” Ugh. We dealt with it and he ate (most of) it. But still. The picky eating. Ugh.

4. My Old Man Kitty turned 19 years young this week. Coupla bum kidneys and a touch of senility, but he’s hanging in there. He got to hang out in the backyard and have some treats that Bowie picked out at the pet store. A good 19th kitty birthday, in my opinion.

Have a great weekend, catch you on the flip side.

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