Not Sure How I’m Moving Right Now

Our evening:

9:55pm In a homemade margarita haze, we decide to let Bowie jump around on the bed while we finish up NBC Thursday night TV.

10:00pm Bowie lays down with his milk.

10:10pm Bowie demands more milk. More milk procured.

10:20pm Bowie wanders in demanding to be held. He is ushered back to bed, calmed down, falls asleep.

11:00pm Apprentice is over, TV off, we try to sleep.

12:00am Hubbs work calls with a big emergency. He flips on his lamp and types away. I try to snooze, but it’s not really happening.

The next couple of hours are a bit of a blur. Bowie was up and down a few times, telling me, “Mama I don’t feel.” As in, don’t feel good, because we all have a cold right now. I soothe him back to sleep a number of times.

2:30am Work problem (somewhat) resolved, lights off again. Both of us are now wide awake. We discuss random thoughts including new David Sedaris books and new Weezer albums.

3:00am Velcro [kitteh #2] is meowing at the door. Loudly. We don’t usually let her in when she comes in the middle of the night but we thought, hey, whatever.

3:01am Brien: “Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap.” Darts around the room. “There’s a mouse in here.”

3:02am We avoid mouse cooties and shuffle the (now obvious to us he was injured by our cat) mouse out the door. He tried to run back in, but with one last WHACK! with a book to the head from the Hubbs, he was outside again, and I am then worried about the mouse, that poor brain damaged mouse I hope he’s ok.

4:ooam About the time we’re both able to fall back asleep.

6:00am Bowie wakes up. Because that’s when he always wakes up.

6:05am Bowie lays in our bed, kicking and punching.

6:15am I take Bowie to the living room so Hubbs can sleep. I attempt to snooze while Bowie watches some TV (Parent of the Year, right here).

7:30am Hello world, meet the Wankels. All three with a cold and like, 3 hours of sleep. Today should totally rock.

4 comments on “Not Sure How I’m Moving Right Now

  1. Sorry, Kiddo. Been down that road a time or two. Somehow we all survive. Putting you child in front of a TV show when no one feels well and everyone is tired, will not damage him for life. Relax! Love you!

  2. This sounds like my night last night! LOL! And don’t feel guilty, because that’s what I do almost every morning (try to snooze while Peanut watches TV). I’m a firm believer that the television is an appropriate and important babysitter!

  3. Add one more kid and that describes our house most of the time. I don’t think it is physically possible for small children to sleep in at all! 🙂

  4. So funny! The whole mouse thing, ya…my cats wait until my husband is OUT OF TOWN to start the torturing and killing leaving the remnants for me…thanks cats! I hope you got a nap in…those are the tough days.

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