Beth’s Picks: Play With Your Food

My husband and I are really into getting wooden toys for Bowie. Not only are they better for the environment and safer for kids, but they are also more durable and can hold up longer. And some of the best wooden toys we have found are made by Melissa & Doug. So when it was time to get him some fun food toys (because every kid has to have play food!), we turned to them.

I got this great set of pots and pans to start. The set comes with these three pans, two lids, a potholder and some utensils. It’s a great little starter set for the beginner tyke chef.

Then we also got the four food groups set. Not that they stayed in their cute little educational four food groups packaging for very long, but it was a cute set for a great price, and one of the only wooden sets I could find in a sea of cheap plastic food sets.

Their slicing sets are adorable, kids can “cut” the fruit and veggies up into pieces, just like a grown up, and then put them back together and start again. Let the creativity begin!

We have a lot of other products from Melissa & Doug, but their food toys are hands down the best in that category that we have found. If you’re in the market for some good, solid kitchen toys, take a look in my OpenSky shop!

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