The Potty Process

Potty training has been going….well….not really going. We are hitting a lot of road blocks, including Bowie not seeming to care when he as a giant steamer in his pants or is standing ankle deep in his own urine. We had heard a lot of theories that letting them have accidents will help teach them to be uncomfortable in the mess and will speed up the self-awareness process.

But, having cleaned up more underpants poo messes than I ever thought humanly possible and cleaning up about twice that amount in pee puddles (probably because my child ingests almost nothing but juice and fresh fruit) made me rethink that approach. Clearly, he wasn’t ready for that level yet.

I didn’t want to go the Pull-Ups route. I was already sick with myself for using disposable diapers for 2 years, and adding more to the landfills wasn’t all that attractive of an option. We had gotten a bunch of them secondhand from a coworker of my husband’s, but I doubted I’d ever use them. However, in a recent mommy error I allowed our diaper supply to hover dangerously low and then also ran out of clean underpants. So, alas, I tried out the Pull-Ups.

You guys, there really is something to these things. Not only does it corral the mess and keep it off of your floors (and clothes and towels and furniture and rugs and car seats and strollers) but it also helps the child to feel soiled in a way that neither diapers nor underpants can. They are learning how it feels to go in their pants, learning how to tell when they need to go, and um, keeping the house a little cleaner.

We know we have a long road ahead of us, and will trudge forth patiently. But I’m starting to realize that no matter how many books and articles we read or how many experts and fellow parents we consult, we still have to figure out what the process is for our family, and for Bowie specifically, if we ever want to achieve any kind of success. And it could mean more junk in the old landfill. Woe is me.

It could be a total coincidence, but in the last 24 hours, we’ve seen a huge difference in how he’s handling the potty situation. Now, the only problem is—that case of diapers I ordered. Probably should have been a case of Pull-Ups.

2 comments on “The Potty Process

  1. Thanks for posting this. Peter’s getting close to potty training age (he tells us when he poos, but thinks the potty is a chair), and I had no idea if pullups were worth it. When he’s more ready, then I’ll pick a box up probably. Thanks!

  2. use the diapers at night..unless you are ready to get them up at 1am to go potty. We love pull ups, note that the pamper brand is smaller in size that the pull ups (huggies) brand and they tear easier at the sides. Kaelin tried to put them on her uncoordiated self and ripped 3 of them. If the pull ups rip apart of the side you can just velcro the little strip back together, give it a good press to make sure, and good to go..

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