24 Weeks

The end of this week marks my official entry into the third trimester of this pregnancy, woo hoo! But, three months still seems like an eternity to me, even when I consider that I’ve already completed twice that. I think it has something to do with the fact that I will be pregnant all summer long. It’s only three months, but the prospect of being pregnant for an entire season is a little daunting. Even when I remind myself I was in fact pregnant for the entire spring.

The other day at school, a mom asked how much longer I had, and I said three months. Literally at the same moment she was saying, “Oh that’s coming up soon!” I was saying, “So much longer still.”

I have a feeling it will fly by though. Or, the teeny, tiny optimist that lives deep down inside of me is thinking it will fly by. There’s a lot of prep work that I’ve been putting off, and we’ve only got three months to take care of it. Taking a hospital tour (because after four years, we need a bit of a refresher course), rearranging our bedroom to fit the little guy in, making sure we have enough for him to wear (I saved a ton of Bowie’s stuff in general, but so very little newborn duds?), making a game plan for what to do with Bowie while we are in the hospital…and making an attempt at relaxing a bit and enjoying our simple, quiet life before baby is here.

I need to apologize for the epic bummer my last post was! Things really haven’t been that bad. I’ve just been really busy. I have to spend all of my available afternoons at preschool instead of my one required work day afternoon, shadowing Bowie and helping to be his “guide”. Basically, they need an extra set of hands to help redirect him when he feels cornered or stressed out. Which is often. So, my lovely child-free afternoons where I can float around light as air from errand to errand and get everything done have been relegated to rushed mornings where I have to drag Bowie along on every errand, and not all of them get done.

We’ve heard back from the occupational therapist: both she and our preschool director see clear evidence that Bowie has some sensory processing difficulties, and she has suggested that we have some therapy sessions over the summer. When the preschool director first asked that I meet with someone, I felt intimidated by the whole prospect of Bowie needing an occupational therapist, but now I just feel relieved. I’m relieved that there’s a legitimate issue there that we can put our finger on, finally, and that we can specifically target to help him and to help us better survive an average day. I’ve already started to learn how to help him avoid triggers and how to help him cope after an outburst and use words to tell me how he felt. I know that with the help of someone who deals with this professionally, we can figure this out.

Bowie has been having his good days and his bad days, and sometimes I look back at the end of what I would call a “bad” day and realize that in reality it was just a few bad moments, and we trudged through. Overall, things have been good lately. Bowie is happy to sit and have long conversations about what we will name baby brother, what kinds of games he will play with baby brother and how he will show baby brother how to be a big boy. He’s super excited to turn four (tomorrow, OMG!) and become a big brother.

There’s a quote floating around on Pinterest right now, “Someone else is happy with less than you have.” I try to remind myself of that every day. Life is tough sometimes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still smile and find the silver linings. Thanks everyone for all of your support.

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