The *Morning* Went Well

Well, let me talk a little about the short period of my day yesterday that didn’t actually suck. Because, I’m trying to do this whole “think positively!” thing, and so far I am, um, failing. But, blog tragedy and all, I had a good morning yesterday.

We went yesterday to the California Academy of Sciences, both because it was a free admission day, which is always nice, and also because it was Claude the albino alligator’s 15th birthday and they were doing some fun and special stuff.

I packed the kiddo up and we got on an early train so we could get there right at open and avoid a long line. He’s usually not so good on the train, but I remembered that I have a smart phone and I let him watch Pingu videos the whole way there. Worked like a charm.

We got there and walked right in the door, kind of a rarity on those free days. We went straight back to see Claude, and happened to catch the crowd singing happy birthday to him (if you are a super seer, you can see us in this video). They also gave Claude some fish cupcakes with shrimp sprinkles. It was all very cute. And Bowie is really big into birthday parties lately, so he was really excited.

I browsed the gift shop for the first time ever, and kiddo got his heart set on a Space Shuttle toy. Which was made of quality materials and only cost $10, which for being a museum gift shop souvenir I thought was a good price. And it was a good buy. He has yet to put it down.

Then, I didn’t have to argue with him to leave, because he was a little bit tired, and there was the promise of milk at home. On the path as we left, a very brave little squirrel came up to us, smelled us for food and even put his little paw on Bowie’s shoe. It was AMAZING. I mean, where I come from, the squirrels really don’t like people. So, allow me to be impressed.

I came home to a shit storm, but that’s negative talk, so I’ll end my story there. Just know that it was a nice morning with my son in a sea of bad tantrum-filled days.

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