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As I mentioned in a recent post, when I was pregnant with Bowie, sugar was the name of the game. I didn’t really crave anything specific. As long as it was fattening and full of sugar: full steam ahead. I was pounding the brownies, cupcakes, ice cream, Milky Way bars, and when I decided I needed to eat “healthy”, more often than not fruit and/or fruit juice were involved. Still sugar. Nature’s sugar, but sugar.

This time around, things are a lot more specific, and very odd in the pickles-and-ice-cream cliche sort of way. I mean, they’re manageable. Strawberry ice cream and Fritos. Pringles and jelly beans. Caramel lattes (decaf OF COURSE) and pretzels. There’s just a salty-sweet thing going on there I think. And a lot of people have heard of my cravings, contemplated them for a minute and then said, “I’m gonna have to try that.”

But, less cravings for sweet this time. People are always assuming I’ll attack the cupcake plate, but really, most times, I really don’t want to. Which means this baby will be really different from Bowie, right? RIGHT?!

I’ve also been partial to deli turkey sandwiches. And deli meat is one of those mega pregnancy food no-nos, so I get a heaping helping of guilt trip with my sandwiches, THANKS A LOT PREGNANCY BOOKS. I think it’s a protein thing? I typically don’t crave meat of any type, let alone salty, smoky cold cuts.

Mmmm, salty. In writing this I may or may not be setting myself up for needing a turkey sandwich for lunch.

One thing that’s a lot different this time around: I can’t really eat much in one sitting. I’m past the morning sickness phase and still awaiting the fetus-is-crowding-my-stomach-like-whoa phase, so I don’t know what gives. But, I have had to cut way back on portions, even of my absolute favorite foods of all time ever. If I eat too much, I feel really sick and just generally uncomfortable. And turned off of food. At least for an hour before I’m hungry again (and what the H, I don’t remember the constant hungries striking this early) (although somebody remind me that I’m already almost 4 months along).

What did you experience when you were pregnant, food-wise? Was it different for different pregnancies? Any of this sound normal and ok, or am I just a crazy lady?

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  1. It’s all good, lady. I think the thing about the deli meats is about nitrates… but I threw that “What to Expect” book right into the trash, and ate everything I wanted. Including sushi and 2 cups of coffee each day – same as I always did before. At one point, I ate a Snickers bar every single day… lots of McDonalds too. (Heh.) But, you know I’m THE WORST, right? 😉

  2. My cravings with each of you were different. As I mentioned before with you it was specifically French fries and pineapple juice.

    With Bert, it was alternating sweet with salty – a lot like your cravings this time around.

    With Jeremy, it was fried chicken livers. There was just no explaining that one. The doctor was worried about my cholesterol; but, did say I was probably on low on some nutrient that the liver was fulfilling. It was so weird – I could eat them by the pound!

    Anyway, those were my cravings.

  3. I was violently ill for the first 20 weeks of my pregnancy and only ate:
    chocolate milkshakes and cuties. I swear.

    For the second half, I was mostly nauseous and my super nose was a very big problem. My midwives didn’t really care about most things (were even okay with sushi as long as it was a reputable place), but were a definite NO on deli meat.

    All I wanted was a cold turkey sandwich.

    They finally told me to go to a VERY busy reputable deli and get ONE sandwich. The problem is listeria which is the bacteria that grows when you let meat sit out (which we all get sick from occasionally) but it doesn’t hurt us- so if they are going through a huge round of meat every day, you should be golden. Or if you buy the pre-packaged wrapped stuff from the supermarket you should be okay too – but I love REAL boar’s head pepper turkey, so I know none of these things are actually good substitutes.

    Also, I think you’re in the city, so go to arguello market. They have roast turkey (not the amazing cold kind), but it can satisfy some of that craving too 🙂

    I ended up having a great turkey sandwich from my favorite deli in LA. That was my last one – I was too afraid of the guilt if anything went wrong.

    My end of pregnancy cravings were beer (and I hate beer), sushi, canned rosarita refried beans (NOT real ones), and more and more cuties.

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