Covering the Baby Bum

I wanted to use cloth diapers with Bowie, but part of me just couldn’t get over the gross factor of dealing with all that human waste (which I now know becomes a complete non-issue for a parent).

And, at the time of his birth, I was slated to be a working mom, and I wasn’t sure I could deal with the mounds of laundry before it got really gross and stinky. And we didn’t think we had the money for a service.

So, we used disposable diapers.

I know, I know. It’s been a cloud of shame hanging over my head ever since I threw out that first tiny Pampers diaper in the hospital. They’re just So. Damn. Easy. But, terrible for the environment, I know, I know. And, yes, likely the cause of many of Bowie’s horrendous diaper rashes that he had early on. I KNOW.

Anyway, for this babe, since I’m bogged down with all that eco-guilt, and I’m also now a fully fledged stay-at-home-mom, I’m looking for something better. I’m hoping for an option that’s environmentally friendly AND easy, which I’m not entirely sure exists.

I have found a couple of options, like G Diapers, and a service that composts what are basically disposable diapers. But, these options still come with their drawbacks.

Before I invest in anything, I need some input. I’m wondering what other moms are using. Specifically the moms like me, of the crunchy urban variety. What do you use? What do you do with it after it’s used, i.e. use a service, throw it out, what?


4 comments on “Covering the Baby Bum

  1. We used fuzzi bunz perfect size and they are SUPER easy and wonderful. We did end up having to buy small medium and larges (our guy had chunky thighs) but can’t wait to use them again with our next one. They are also REALLY easy to resell for almost what you bought them for. I bought a lot off Now that I’ve had one and realize how clean they can get, I would also buy them used (though people want a lot for them. My friends who used G-diapers didn’t really like them (they didn’t hold well). I liked fuzzibunz too because daycare and grandma could use them without too much explaination.

  2. Oh – we started out with a separate bucket for diapers and as an infant we did laundry every other day. For poop diapers we bought a diaper sprayer (when we moved, we didn’t re-intall and just do a swish in the toilet to clean it off) to spray them off – then throw them in the hamper. We put them all in the washer, use charlie’s soap, do a long HOT wash. Then dry in the dryer on delicate. We’ve only had problems with them when we’ve switched to a different soap or used diaper cream on his butt (you can use liners if they get rashes but my experience was that T didn’t get too many diaper rashes). My friends who have made the investment in fuzzibunz or bum genius stick with it through toddlerhood. My friends who had a service didn’t.

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