Farmland Adventure

When a toddler is old enough to hold an iPad or a smart phone, and you’re about to embark on a long plane ride–you are inundated into the world of apps for kids. At first it seems silly, apps on these sophisticated devices geared just toward children. But let me tell you, these can be lifesavers on a plane. Or at the grocery store. Or at the doctor’s office. Basically whenever you need them to go against all of their natural toddler instincts, and be focused and quiet instead. They can also be good learning opportunities, if you pick good ones. And it’s always fun to find a great new kids’ app and pass the word on to all the other harried parents.

A friend and fellow San Franciscan Aleks Petrovich, who does fantastic artwork, is getting into the kids’ app game with his company¬†Gnomie. The¬†first app, Gnomie Farmland Adventure, has recently been released for download on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. I’m excited to help get the word out about this fun app for kids.

It’s a fun way to introduce young kids (the app is good for about ages 2 to 5) to farm animals, the sounds they make and how to say the name of each animal in several languages. And there is a music video kids can sing along to and learn more about the farm. The app is very interactive, and easy enough for kids to use on their own. There is even a feature where you can record yourself reading a story for your kids to listen to later. A very fun way to stay involved, even when handing over your iPad to keep ’em quiet.

Good, solid apps for kids that actually teach them something are harder to come by than they should be, in my opinion. But, here is one that fits the criteria. Check it out, and pass the word on! And you can also follow Gnomie on Facebook or Twitter for more info, updates and deals.

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