Things I care about right now

1. The crosswalk in front of Bowie’s school. It’s been a mega hazard ever since we moved back into the new building a year ago. And for some reason, the city of San Francisco is being a bunch of douche nozzles about having a guy come out and paint us a more visible crosswalk and/or trimming the tree that blocks the stop sign on the corner. Yesterday, my son was literally almost hit by a car as we crossed the street. So, I wanted the better crosswalk before, but now THIS MAMA BEAR IS PISSED.

2. The weather. It’s been completely effing fantastic here, and I’m not normally one to complain about picture perfect sunny 65 degree days, especially given how much I complained about the fog to you guys last summer. BUT, we haven’t had any rain for maybe 8 months. And we, like, need it and stuff. California is always in need of more rain. So, it’s a little disturbing when our “rainy season” isn’t so much rainy as warm and sunny. Sorry Bay Area folks, I’ll be the one you see on the sidewalk tomorrow doing a rain dance.

3. Rick Santorum. I don’t like to get political on Very Bloggy. In fact, I hate it. And I have written and deleted this paragraph like 10 times. All I will say is dude has some pretty crazy ideas for our country that I think even the most conservative of my conservative friends would not like to see happen. So, take it as you will, just do some minor research on him if you’re curious.

4. January clearance sales. I got some kick-ass deals today people. Two shirts at J. Crew for $13? DON’T MIND IF I DO. Get out there, there are such awesome deals to be had.

Things I DON’T care about right now: whether or not Beyonce was actually pregnant, any kind of baked good in a jar, my son’s affinity for juice (there have been some *opinions* lately) and my Klout score.

Have a good week, peeps.

P.S. Sorry for the bloggy dry spell lately, I have no idea what’s going on with my brain these days.

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