Bowie has been acting less and less mature lately, and it’s starting to irk me. A few examples:

1. He won’t sit with me during his preschool’s opening circle time. Ten minutes of welcome songs, finding out what’s for snack, and finding out what the day’s projects will be. When he was 2, he wouldn’t sit, but that’s to be expected. He’s been sitting for it this entire school year, but for the past week, he refuses. It’s okay if it’s a day or two, sometimes they need to just let loose. But it’s been more like 8 days. At this point, he’s just being obstinate. I hope when we return from winter break, this ends.

2. I figured we were fully and totally a potty trained household when, about a month ago, he started going into the bathroom on his own, pulling down his own pants, going potty and most of the time also pulling up his own pants. All of a sudden this week, he demands that I help him with the entire process. And if I, you know just hypothetically, tell him, “I’m really busy with dinner right now, could you please be the big boy I know you can be and do it yourself.” Then, I am rewarded with an accident mess to clean up.

3. He’s obsessed with age right now. The bigger kids at school are all turning 5, and he really likes to pretend to be 5, and be “a really big, strong boy”. Then yesterday, he announces he’s pretending to be 1. And he’s acting like a baby, not a big boy. But, not just for fun, he is working it. Anytime he doesn’t feel like doing something, he plays the baby card, “I’m 1, I’m a baby!”

So, Internet, what gives? Is this kind of regression normal sometimes? I kind of think he’s going through some kind of hormone-surge-growth-spurt kind of thing. Maybe that’s part of it?

4 comments on “Regression

  1. How fun ! Exactly the same is happening here !! It really gets on my nerves.
    All of a sudden, she is scared to go potty by herself, and loves pretending to be a baby, and talk and cry like Eytan. She used to play for long hours by herself and now, she needs somebody around.
    Am convinced it’s a phase. It has to be. More and more aware of tons of stuff, and so more and more scared (cause for Yael’s case, I think she’s scared).
    Like everything, the minute we let it go, it will probably stop 😉

    Can’t wait to see you guys during the break !

  2. Same here, definitely some regression 🙂 She is suddenly asking for help to do things she used to do on her own… or talking/crying like a baby. Yes it looks like they are happy to grow up and proud of it, but immediately feel scared about it. I find it hard to know what to allow/give up on, or not. I’m sure it’s a phase too. Good to know we are not alone!!

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