My Weekend

1. The craft fair was an astonishing success. It took me a full 2 1/2 hours to set up, because I got a little anal about it, but I had the time to spend so, whatever. Not only did I make $400 but also had a total blast. I mean, watching people “ooh” and “aah” over the things that I made, me with my own hands, was so satisfying. Also, did a wee bit o’ networking so I can do more of these kinds of things. Hella awesome.

2. Bowie met a little boy at a holiday party Saturday night who was 2 1/2 years old, and they were best friends for about 5 seconds before wrestling each other all over the living room, like a live, tiny-person WWE match. Ugh, BOYS, with the fighting. I hope it’s a phase.

3. Sunday was sublime. First, we made pancakes for breakfast. Then, we sat in jammies for most of the morning while Huz played a video game and I read a new gardening book my cousin got me for Christmas. Later on in the day, we lit a fire, made some tasty Asian-inspired chicken noodle soup, and decorated our Christmas tree. Which this year sported some hand made ornaments from the kiddo. Priceless.

Hope your weekend was peachy.

The craft fair setup

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  1. that’s great to hear! i’ve always got a few ideas bouncing around like that, but talk myself out of them. (mostly bc of the embarrassment/fear of failure factor you discussed…) so awesome you were brave enough to do it and then rocked it out — 4 hundy! woot! 😉

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