Gearing Up

I haven’t posted in so long, SORRY ABOUT THAT!

I’m getting ready to sell my jewelry at my first ever craft fair this Saturday at my son’s preschool. And I’m so nervous. There are a million things to do and think about.

I’m measuring time this week in cups of tea and number of things left on my hefty to-do list. All the while, swinging back and forth between extreme optimism that I will make gazillions of dollars and finally feel like my work is paying off, and crushing pessimism that I will look like a fool and no one will buy any of my stuff.

I’m worried I won’t look professional, given my homemade displays and lack of business cards. But then I remember I don’t have to look professional, it’s just a preschool craft fair for Pete’s sakes. And will I make my stuff look too cheap by having too much inventory? But I can practice setting it up, and make sure it doesn’t. SWINGING LIKE A PENDULUM, I tell you.

So, that’s what’s been hogging up all my bloggy time. And my mind power. Be back at you next week, hopefully hundreds of dollars richer.

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