Fast Forward

I remember last year around this time, right after Bowie had started at preschool, wondering where the line was drawn between “toddler” and “preschooler”.

For a while now, we’ve been clearly in preschooler territory. When he started going up and down steps by himself, I figured he was no longer “toddling” and I had to stop calling him a toddler.

But all of a sudden, just in the past week or so, he’s doing all this stuff.

Pulling stools and chairs around to get at things he can’t reach. Getting his own food from the cupboard and fridge. Turning the water faucets on and off (and telling me, “H is for hot and C is for cold, mama!”). Putting on his own shoes. Going potty without help. Spitting after brushing his teeth. Forming complete sentences. Threading string through pasta to make a cool pasta necklace, all by himself.


So, now I’m wondering, where is the line between “preschooler” and just…”kid”? And how did we get to this line so quickly?

Everyone says the first year goes so fast. And it does! Yes, it does! But, what they don’t tell you, is every year after that goes exponentially faster. Until, I’m envisioning, you’ve got a teenager standing in front of you, and you’re like, “What the hell just happened?”

Mostly, I’m lamenting the fact that gone are the days when we can put the cookies and candy high up on a shelf, and not only can he not reach them, but he forgets all about them. No more. Now he’s smart. Really smart. And strong enough to carry the footstool across the kitchen.

3 comments on “Fast Forward

  1. You made me sniff, too 🙁 I’m reaching that point with my oldest and it’s so sad in many ways. She just carried her own footstool from the bathroom to her bedroom to reach her “purse” I placed way up high on a shelf so her brother wouldn’t eat the coins inside. Sniff sniff!!

  2. No matter how old they are they will always be your baby. My “baby” will be the big “2 digits” 10 in like 8 months. And my other “baby” is washing her own hair (mostly) in the tub by herself.. sigh..see you wednesday..

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