Once in a Lifetime

When we were planning our wedding, the music we’d use during the ceremony was the very last thing we figured out. We made final choices and burned a CD for the music guy right after the rehearsal dinner.

We ended up going with At Last by Etta James for me walking down the aisle, and My Star by Gameface for when we left. Both songs now hold a very special place in our hearts, even though we were wishy washy about them way back then.

So, a few months ago, my husband strikes up a conversation with Jeff Caudill, lead singer of Gameface, on Twitter. Long story short, Jeff agrees to come up from L.A. and do a private acoustic show in our living room.

It was even more awesome than it sounds. All the nerves and getting the house ready and buying waaaay too much beer and chips at Costco, all totally worth it.

And when he sang his acoustic version of My Star, I cried. Beforehand, I figured I would tear up a little bit. But, no. I CRIED. Bawled like a baby. The margaritas may have had a hand in that, but really it was so amazing. I mean, to sum this up: One of my husband’s favorite rock stars, who sang one of our wedding songs, the lyrics to which are engraved on my wedding band, was singing that song IN OUR LIVING ROOM.

It was amazing. If he ever gets around to reading this, thanks Jeff, it was wonderful. And thanks to my amazing husband for pulling it all together.

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  1. Finally stumbled across this. It was an absolute pleasure. While not ever becoming a “real” rockstar, these are the moments that make me feel like I have, and make it all worth it. Hope to see you guys again.

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