It’s looking more and more these days like Bowie might be left handed. Which is…well, it just is. I don’t care which hand he uses for anything. It’s just an observation I made recently.

But, it is an observation that I’m glad I made before he started kindergarten. And without left handed family members, I might not have had the wherewithal to keep an eye out for it. At least now I can give people a heads up right away, instead of allowing him to endure years of tortuous teachers forcing him to use his right hand (though, I’m naively thinking they don’t do this anymore?).

As a baby, he used both hands for everything. And for a while, he was using his right hand with crayons. But lately, he’s using his left hand a lot for coloring and for eating. And then the other day at school, he was signing in with his teacher at the big sign-in board at preschool, and she put the marker in his right hand, and he switched to the left hand.

In that moment, I figured I’d better explore this a little bit. Mainly, I wanted to know if he was genetically predisposed, because both my husband and his mom are left handed. So, if it is genetic, then it would stand to reason he’d be more likely to have this trait. If not, I’d say the jury’s still out and I could sit back and not fret about it until he starts learning how to write. (Which, MY GOD, is only a year or so away, where does the time freaking go?)

It is genetic, in a way, which is all I can really say with any authority after my intensive one-hour Google search session. This article does a pretty good job of explaining it (but if you’re like me you will have to read it a few times). So, it’s possible it’s just in his genes, but a lot of other contributing factors would be at play.

Also, kids can be as old as 5 or 6 before they show a full preference for one hand over the other. And, me witnessing just a handful of the many things he does with his hands doesn’t necessarily mean he’s showing a preference, just that sometimes he prefers the hand that only about a tenth of all humans prefer. (But, I followed him around for a whole day trying to get a picture of him using his left hand to use with this post, and he kept using his right hand soooo…)

So, right now, still watching and waiting. But, I think there’s a good chance I’ve got a lefty.

Do any of you have left handed children? When did you first notice it? Have they had any trouble because of it in school?

3 comments on “Lefty?

  1. I did notice a bunch of that “switching” when my nearly-eight was smaller… he’s right-handed though. I notice the same thing in my near-four – she seems comfortable with either for many things, but I still see her veering right also. It’s curious! It’ll be interesting to see how your little guy flies in the end!!

  2. Aunt Julie is a lefty and Uncle Joe is ambidextrous – although I do think the teachers were trying to turn a lefty into a righty.

  3. Ezra has been left-handed for a long time. I think he started preferring his left hand as soon as he started learning how to self-feed.
    I am now off to click on that article .

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