Five For Friday

Some baby posts.

1. We had two earthquakes yesterday. TWO. I mean, we probably have several tremors every day that we don’t feel, but yesterday there were two large-ish quakes, upper 3s and lower 4s on the Richter scale. Quakes like that are always a little unnerving, but to have one in the afternoon and then another in the evening is…GAH. Reminds me that I need to put together some kind of earthquake kit. Water, canned food, a flashlight, what else? They say these smaller quakes help relieve the faults, maybe preventing “The Big One” or at least staving it off for a few more years. Still, it’s scary.

2. A few months ago, I was casually browsing online for holiday gifts, now I feel like the holidays are coming at me like a freight train. I usually have it somewhat under control, but not this time around. I’d love to make some of the gifts this year. Anyone have any good craft ideas?

3. It pays to buddy up with the owner of your local corner market. Remember on my epic bad day, and they didn’t have a single Coke product to be found? Turns out he had to have them take away his Coke cooler so he could fix the floor underneath. Since he wasn’t willing to take it back at the end of the same day they gave it away, and now he has to wait for a new one to become available. Boo. BUT, today he dug out a can of Diet Coke from the back of a cooler just for little ol’ me.

4. Have you found the Trader Joe’s chocolate covered potato chips yet? TO DIE. Sounds strange, but it’s an amazing chocolatey, crunchy, salty delight. And if you’re into it, then you have to seek out Jimmy Fallon’s flavor of Ben & Jerry’s. Late Night Snack.

4 1/2. Sorry that like, half of this post was about junk food. It’s just been that kind of day.

5. We have lots of visitors coming next week, and the weather is slated to be AMAHZING so new posts may or may not happen. But I’m still here, still love you guys, have a fantastic weekend.

2 comments on “Five For Friday

  1. Didn’t feel the earthquakes down here, but ironically I thought we were having one on Wed nite. So not my favorite thing and something I will never get used to as a native Californian.
    Let’s go with the belief that small quakes allow pressure to escape preventing larger ones!

  2. I really love your short and sweet posts. As to Holiday gifts, I’ve always found that finding just
    THE PERFECT FRAME for just the perfect photo is always a hit.

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