What to do while kiddo bathes

Bowie is 3 now, so we figured he’s old enough to be in the bath unsupervised (because we obviously are the worst parents ever, according to some). (Actually, we’ve been doing that for a while now.) (Ahem.)

But, recently, a friend who is a new mom confessed to falling asleep on the bathroom floor because she was so bored (and so tired, understandably), she thought all you could do was sit and stare at your baby, who is now of the self-entertaining variety, yet still too young to be left alone. And, sleeping thereby defeats the entire purpose of accompanying your babe in the bathroom. So, here are my suggestions for ways to keep busy and/or stay awake while you supervise the bathtub.

1. Clean the toilet. (Or the shower, as in our case the toilet is in a separate room. what can I say, they made some wacky houses back in the day.)

2. Pluck your eyebrows.

3. Text, email, Twitter, Facebook, the point is, if you have a smart phone, use it. Or your Kindle, iPad, whatever technological device you have at your disposal. (Some people think this makes you a little too distracted, but I disagree. Just don’t get sucked into some hot drama on Hulu. And don’t make calls. THAT is distracting for sure.)

4. Cut, file and maybe paint your fingernails and/or toenails. Bonus: you can soak your feet and exfoliate!

5. Try out some new hairstyles or makeup looks in the mirror.

6. Floss. You’re too lazy to do it upon waking or before going to bed, so why not turn it into a time killer?

7. Shave. Not kidding. Just keep the razor away from babe, and take care of the peskiest, most time-sucking task of all.

8. Make lists. Make this week’s meal plan, your notes for the work meeting tomorrow, your new year’s resolutions, whatever it is you’ve got to get off your mind and onto paper.

9. If you sing or play an instrument: practice. Bathroom acoustics are notoriously awesome. And the kiddo will love it!

10. Knit. I personally don’t knit or crochet, but this one seems like a no brainer for this time slot.

There you go. No more wasted time (or falling asleep)!

2 comments on “What to do while kiddo bathes

  1. Wish you were around with some of those suggestions when I was sitting and staring at a 3-year-old taking a both. Oh . . . wait . . . you were one of those 3-year-olds I was watching with great parental rapture play in the tub. Oops!

  2. Yes! Bathtime is so Personal Grooming Time. I also fold laundry in the bedroom next to the bathroom.

    The bath is like a big, funtime playpen for toddlers who won’t drown. Love it.

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